I have two layers, one for red bar, and another for the photograph. The red bar is above the photograph, but when i animate with 3D Layer, both layers intersect each other.

enter image description here

The photograph is going up, red bar is going down. My problem is this intersection (yellow arrow).

How can i put the photograph always behind the red bar and avoid this intersection?

My suggestion: I cut the photograph, but the result is not satisfactory. Is there another way?

Thank you!

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I solved!

Just add a command layer between the two layers that are intersecting. (blue rectangle). It work fine for me. Thank you Filipi!

enter image description here


I do not know how, but it works! Thank you Filipi!

This layer can be removed behind the scene and put 1% opacity on it - this is the most common shape rectangle. enter image description here

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