So I'm trying to recreate this plaque in Illustrator to have a replica made, but I'm a little stuck. When creating the gold border around the oval, the measurements at the top/bottom are different than the sides. The top/bottom are 3/8"H and the sides are 1/2"W. How would I go about creating this border? I am trying to avoid using the pen tool, considering the picture isn't straight on and it would just be a hassle. Any help would be great!

Thank you! : )

enter image description here

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Use 2 ellipses and align them.

enter image description here

Or use an additional Appearance Panel Fill and then use Effects > Distort & Transform > Transform to alter the horizontal scale of the additional fill.

enter image description here

Or a much less precise way would be to use the Width Tool and alter a stroke profile (not the way I'd actually do this though - I'd use one of the methods above).

enter image description here

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