I'm doing a web portfolio for my self and using my pieces within its own resume page. I know about the chronological method but haven't used it on my print version. I want to know if it is the recommended standard of arrangement or is it at the artist's discretion?

  • In all likelihood, prospective employers don't care when you did the work. – 13ruce Oct 5 '17 at 12:05

There are no rules. Use whatever you feel best shows off your talents.


There is no standard.

  • if showing the year of delivery is important, or showing many works across a long time span (10+ years), then yes chronological will make sense.
  • if instead just showing off a limited number of jobs, either because you don't have too many or just want to showcase the best/most relevant ones, then you can showcase these sorted by relevance (best ones first).
  • People tend to have a short attention span, even recruiters etc. So if there's no specific format asked for, I'd suggest showing best ones first as well! :) – Summer Oct 5 '17 at 8:08

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