Is there a way to apply a vignette effect onto an image in Krita?

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Krita is an excellent digital drawing/painting application, but it wouldn't be my first choice for editing photographs, although it does have basic photo editing tools that can be used. It can certainly be done.

  1. Choose Black as the foreground colour
  2. Duplicate the image layer
  3. Make an elliptical selection
  4. Select > Feather selection, and choose however many pixels you want to feather it by
  5. Select > Invert selection
  6. Edit > Fill with foreground colour

Krita is very slow/laggy when I try to to do this on Windows, might be better in Linux however.

You might be better using a different application, such as GIMP. In GIMP open an image and click Tools > GEGL Operation > scroll down the list and select Vignette, then move the sliders as required. This is almost instant, and there's a live preview. Also you can apply the GEGL Vignette filter on a transparent layer instead, then reduce the opacity if required, or apply Gaussian blur.

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  • Hi, I wasn't aware that GIMP had the ability. Will try that. Thank you! – AVIDeveloper Oct 18 '17 at 15:22

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