I'm creating a sign up list in coreldraw, it's a table with 3 columns and 15 rows. How do I remove the vertical lines in the table while keeping only the horizontal lines?

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After you are done with the table and adding data into the table, select your table and press CTRL-K to break the table into lines, then select the table again and ungroup the lines of the table by pressing CTRL-U. Then select the all the vertical lines and either delete them or change their outline to no-color.

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In CorelDRAW 2017 (confirmed this works in X5 as well), this can be accomplished but needs to be done one column at a time:

Highlight the cells in the column where you want to remove the horizontal border: enter image description here

In the Borders drop-down, select Inside: enter image description here

Set the border size to None: enter image description here

Final product: enter image description here

EDIT: I just noticed that the OP asked about vertical lines, not horizontal (as I have shown). Regardless, the process is still the same for a row versus a column.

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