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I started a new website for selling posters of Movies, Celebrities and Sports. Problem is most of the images that I got from Internet are now claimed by some people that they have copyrights of the ...
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How to find sets of images for collages? [duplicate]

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Landing page image for a salon [duplicate]

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icon / design element database / site? [duplicate]

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What websites are similar to shutterstock [duplicate]

I am new to mobile apps/games and I'm a bit confused about some stuff What websites are similar to shutterstock but cheaper for commercial use *about freepik: is the free assets are free for ...
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Website with lots of images [duplicate]

I'm trying to make a website on my own, but i don't have a lot of pictures. Can anyone tell me a website with a lot of pictures of different styles like photography, flat design, etc...
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About background's patterns [duplicate]

designers, I would like to ask You, where could I find patterns - backgrounds to download it it is possible for free - for businness cards, posters, logos, etc.? I mean, when I create some design and ...
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Where can I find inexpensive or better yet free product images? [duplicate]

I am wanting to build a product catalog template that can take XML and import it through InDesign to automatically style text and place product photos. The problem is I don't have a product database ...
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Where can I find open source graphics for print layouts? [duplicate]

I'm looking for some assets to decorate an Art Book I'm working on. Simple textures, board trims, etc are what I'm after. Thanks!
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mid-level quality stock photography - adobe Stock vs iStock... or anyone else worth mentioning [duplicate]

I'm about to go on a search for a dozen or so stock photos representing our target audience and user-base (for a high-tech, B2B SaaS product). these will be used in marketing collateral as well as ...
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Safety of using images found through Google image search

I am working on a Facebook education page for my church. I often find Google search images that don't have an obvious copyright symbol at the bottom of the article or blog. How do I know if these ...
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Where can I get images for commercial use?

I am running a web site design service for local small business owner. I want avoid legal issues on the images I use. Usually, the images found on Flickr are forbidden for commercial use. Where would ...
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What are good commercial stock graphic sites for websites/applications?

I am looking for good websites providing royalty free stock images for pay. I'm not looking for sites that make images available for free and require attribution or non-commercial use; they're ...
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License that allows me completely free commercial usage of images

PROBLEM: I need free images for my application. They are intended for controls ( main window / buttons / treeview icons ... ). MY EFFORTS TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM: Searching through Internet, I was ...
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What are good resources for royalty-free stock images that are at least 300 DPI?

I need to design an A5-size leaflet for a small side business that I'm trying to get up and running, and the printer I'm planning to use says that the 72 DPI stock images I would usually use will ...
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