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Version control for designs in Sketch [duplicate]

I'm looking to implement version control across my team and I need a starting point. Criteria I need: Something that integrates well with our software stack: Sketch and Zeplin Stored in the cloud ...
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Is there a version control software tool that works on Windows? [duplicate]

I'm working with a team that uses Windows, Axure & Illustrator. I was hoping that I could find some sort of tool similar to Kactus or Abstract for version control, but I can't seem to find ...
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What's a software that I can use to design UI's with my team? [duplicate]

I want my team to be able to see my PSD and be able to edit it. Kinda like how code works on git-hub but for photoshop or UI design. I make a design, save it and my team member can get the latest ...
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How can graphic designers contribute to Open Source projects?

I want to participate in Open Source projects, but I cannot code (that well. Or.. at all). I would love to contribute to GitHub projects, but as a designer I'm not sure what's the best way to do ...
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Is there a Github for Graphic Designers?

How do Graphic Designers share work they put in the public domain? I'm looking for a site that provides publicly visible, collaborative behavior like Github (which is for source code). For those ...
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File backups for Photoshop

I've been working with Photoshop for a long time, and every once in a while I work on a file, sometimes in a rush, sometimes just being lazy.. what happens is that I end up ruining it. I save, go on ...
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Color Swatches: loading multiple ASE files in illustrator CS5.5

Is there a way to import multiple ASE files from the Swatches palette in Illustrator CS5.5 ? Currently I can only import one ASE file at a time by doing: Swatches->Open Swatch Library->Other Library.....
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AI file appears blank?

So, I was working on Illustrator, I saved my progress and my computer went off. When I came back the AI file was blank, the file had 6 art boards and a lot of content, it was a brand guideline I was ...
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Photoshop: version control?

Is there a way to save an in-between version of a PSD before overhauling it? I know there's a "Save as," but I'd much rather mark a version and save it instead. Is the best way really to duplicate ...
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What is an effective process to control versions in Abstract?

I'm currently looking at introducing Abstract version control to our team. I'm keen to know how people manage a large amount of files in it (in Active and in Archive). We have a team of designers, so ...
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