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I have multiple layers with rectangle shapes on each, i want to apply same color to every shape at once. Can anyone share a tip? Thanks,
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Switching colours of complex illustration [duplicate]

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Change PSD's color with variables? [duplicate]

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How to make a design's color palette easy to change in PS [duplicate]

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Applying color to multiple objects in Photoshop CC [duplicate]

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How to change colour of all elements of a group, at once, in Illustrator

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Replace individual colors in multiple layers

The goal Replace individual colors in a multi-layer Photoshop document in a way that is flexible and efficient enough to be done a multiple times in the production process—like when I need to update ...
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How to change colour across multiple layers in Photoshop CS6

I've seen this type of question asked before, but I've not seen a satisfactory answer: I have a specific colour palette, and I can not stray from it at all; I have a specific green (32,144,24) on 93 ...
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Is it possible to change the colors of [all] layers at once in Photoshop CC?

I went too far, but even if I didn't, I might want to change the color scheme in a future project. Is there a simple way to select all layers and change a layer? I did some searching and couldn't ...
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re-color a whole design to test different pallete in photoshop

I created a dashboard design for one of my clients and we would like to test different color options. most of the elements are smart objects. needless to say there are many layers, organized in ...
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What's the best way to maintain color customization in Photoshop files

I have just started designing print templates like brochures and business cards for graphic marketplaces. As different users has different color requirements for their brand the files must easy to ...
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Is there a way to setup palettes/themes that apply across all folders in photoshop?

I am trying to create a solution where I can create a series of 'designs' or 'patterns' which may use 3 colours from a palette. What I want to achieve is to be able to change those colours (my palette)...
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How do I update a custom gradient preset that I've made?

I have a PSD that uses the same gradient about 20 times. Can I update that one gradient so that all 20 instance are updated as well?
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