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How do I handle an increasing lack of faith in my design abilities?

Do any of you seasoned design professionals have any advice for a young graphic design student/novice? Especially with respects to improving upon knowledge and picking yourself up post-critique. ...
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How do I know when I'm ready to start doing professional work?

I was searching around and I found this question here talking about how a designer knows when thier work is 'good'; and it has a lot of crucial information. My question is almost an extension to this:...
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Why do people keep telling me my site looks awful?

I've developed a website, and recently was looking for a job. Practically all interviewers, after taking a quick glimpse at it, told me my site was designed awfully (but liked the concept). I should ...
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Why was my experience with a logo contest so miserable?

I'm starting out as a freelance designer (and no job experience at any company before) and I decided to join "contests" held by's users. I've joined several of them already and I can ...
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How can I overcome the impulse to continuously critique (and possibly rework) my designs?

I have been designing for almost 5 years now. I have noticed something very strange in my development lifespan. My appreciation for my works decreases substantially over time. Especially in my UX ...
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How can I take my graphic design to the next level?

I'm a full-time professional designer in the early middle of my career -- I have been working as a designer full-time for 15 years. I create lots of work that I am very proud of. However, when I look ...
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Modern design - What's that?

I am working on redesigning my website and iterating through fivesecondtests. The overall feedback is improving but no matter what I change, several people have mentionned that my designs look "...
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How to become really good in graphic design from being average?

I have seen many designer's work (logos, websites, brochures, animations, infographics, business cards, scenery, illustrations). Most are average but some stand out. Their work just takes you. You can'...
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Design Critique/Feedback Websites

After quite a lot of searching, I haven't really find that many websites focused on design critique, where you could just upload your work and get some responses. One of the biggest sites oriented on ...
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How to practice designing on my own

I am designer with 8+ years of experience in Designing websites. I am currently facing a down phase in my design skills. It seems like my design skills are going nowhere. It seems like I have to make ...
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What skills are necessary and/or recommended to become a graphic designer [duplicate]

I am planning to major in Graphic Design, but I am unsure if it is the right choice for me. I would like to know what skills I should know before starting to study it so I can get a head start. One ...
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Improving design skills [duplicate]

I've been practicing front-end web design for almost 4 months now (and by that I mean design, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). I've found that I excel in terms of writing code and markup, but my design ...
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How can I assess whether I'm proper web designer?

I was an Amature web designer before 3 years. Though I don't have proper knowledge in designing I want to become a web designer and I called myself as designer. Though I didn't attended any design ...
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How can I learn website/webpage design [duplicate]

I asked the closed, and one of the comments was that if the commenter stumbled ...
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