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Where can I find Web Designers interested in improving their portfolio? [duplicate]

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Where to hire a graphics designer for mobile app? [duplicate]

My friend and I are making iOS apps and we have are not graphic designers. We have no idea how to do any of that stuff. Where can we find a graphic designer and how much would he/she cost?
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Where can I buy logos/get someone to design a logo, that will only be used by me once paid for? [duplicate]

The reason i ask this is that i plan once i have chosen/created/bought a logo i plan to use it on items to start selling. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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How to set up a website to sell my own products? [duplicate]

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Very Basic Question I really Need Help With [duplicate]

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How can I write requirements for a graphic designer?

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On which crowdsourced design site have you the best experience?

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Where to find interface designers on the internet?

Just to say, I'm not about to make a pitch on this site for work. I assume that is probably against the rules of the site and respect that. I just wondered if anyone has good ideas though on where to ...
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Need a short interview with professional for Graph Comm assignment [closed]

Currently studying Graphic Communications and one of our assignments is to interview someone who already works in the field. Any help is appreciated.
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