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Illustrator CC Clipping Masks and Opacity Masks leaving slight hairline [duplicate]

I'm running into a problem when using a clipping mask or opacity mask in Illustrator CC 17.1. Either type of mask leaves a slight outline around the masking object, creating a noticeable break in what ...
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Dividing a shape in half without creating a white line down the middle [duplicate]

This seems to be a recurring problem when cutting shapes directly in half when using Illustrator's 'Divide' tool. While the shape may look ok in the program itself when I output it as a png or reduce ...
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Resizing Live Paint Pixel Art [duplicate]

I tried doing some pixel art, used the Rectangular Grid Tool, used Live Paint to create the art and then I expanded it from Object>Live Paint>Expand. I'm using 2 colors, black and red. My problem is ...
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Overlapping objects still show object underneath in Illustrator [duplicate]

I am having issues with objects overlapping. If I create a red rectangle in Illustrator, then copy it, and paste it directly on top of itself and change it to white, I get a red outline, even though ...
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White artifacts when expanding extruded object [duplicate]

I use Illustrator CS6 to create a 3D pie chart. For this, I first create a "normal" pie chart and apply an extrude filter. Even though the results looks great in Illustrator, I get some white ...
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Mysterious, Undesired Outline Around Black Illustrator Shapes [duplicate]

Why do black shapes end up having a faint outline around them? Will there be any consequences to this when I print? Is there any way to avoid this? Thanks.
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A gap between lines of joined path in illustrator [duplicate]

I have created a logo with pen tool in Illustrator but between lines (where they intersect with each other) there is a gap where it gets the color of the background. Something like this: (Black ...
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Fix gap between path and shapes in Illustrator

I'm working on a cloud image and have created triangles using a template. After the cut and coloring, there are gaps between the triangles. It' about 1 px thick, more prominent when exported to ...
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Illustrator clipping mask leaves an outline

This question has already been asked a couple times: here and here*. Those question's answers do not satisfy me, however, and I think it is a slightly different issue. Besides, I'm using Illustrator ...
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Border on borderless pie chart, Illustrator CC

I'm an Illustrator beginner, and I have just made pie chart. I removed the borders but I still end up with a 1 pixel wide border between the pieces of the pie whenever I export to PDF or AI. Please ...
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How to make rough edges smooth in Illustrator?

I make some shape in illustrator, then divide all the shape with pathfinder tool. Then i fill all the pieces of shape with different. I found some rough area in the edges, how can I get rid of this ...
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White line down the center of my image when using reflect

I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS6. I can get you pictures if you need but here goes. I had a logo that I cut in half by removing anchor points, leaving me with just the left side. Then I selected all ...
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Illustrator compound path and clipping mask

I'm having an issue with a compound path and a clipping mask. It's driving me absolutely crazy. There is a very fine outline which I can't seem to get rid of. I've attached screenshots to better-...
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anti-aliasing ruining vector illustration with white artifacts

I've created these illustrations using brush and colored it with bucket, added shadows with cutter. Problem is white artifacts showing between colors and line work. I've read about anti-aliasing, but ...
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