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How much is the average cost of 1 hour of graphic design in Miami, FL USA? [duplicate]

I have a potential client from USA, and I live in another country. I would like to know (an average price in dollars), how much a graphic/web designer would charge per hour for maintaining the website ...
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What price should I charge for design services?

I was hoping I would find some people in the industry that could help me decide what's the best price to charge to design (in this case) business cards. What are standard prices for professional ...
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Not fond of time related pricing - what's a better way?

I'm still struggling with pricing. How does one best calculate flat rates for commercial design or illustration work? I don't like the hourly rate thing. I just can't seem to properly gauge the amount ...
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Flat Rate vs. Hourly: Fast work = lower pay?

I'm new to designing graphics for clients, I normally did things just for myself or for friends when they needed something done and I had a free minute. I've also worked at a retail store that does &...
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How to use value-based pricing for design projects?

tl;dr What is the best way to use value-based fees for design projects? What would the "value" be? I see that a lot of designers use time-based pricing (hourly, daily, etc.) Time-based pricing is ...
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Pricing for Website Design (Graphics Only)

I was wondering if someone could advise me on pricing for a website design. I'm redesigning a blog/travel site for an individual. The site is about 8 pages plus some modules, etc. I'm also ...
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Graphic Design Pricing [duplicate]

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What is a good systematic approach to increasing the rates I charge?

In the past year, I have been getting more and more freelance projects along with my work as a graphic design teacher. I've been working in the graphic design field 10+ years. Because these contracts ...
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Do I charge my first client before or after the design is complete?

This is my first serious client and their first design experience. I am designing a Logo and a business card for them. We haven't discussed price yet and I haven't started on their design either, so i'...
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Is overtime as a designer in a small agency really necessary?

Overtime => I mean working extra hours for your employer apart from your official work hours. Suppose, you're working in a startup marketing agency in India and your job is graphic design. You are ...
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How to know how much to charge for an animation?

I'm a robotics engineer who just joined the world of video animations, I just finished my first project and I have no idea if I charged the fair amount for it. I would like to know how to put prices ...
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Requirements for clients at the beginning of the design process?

After freelance designing for a little while now, I've realized that sometimes the process between the designer and client goes smoothly mostly when the client has a pretty good idea of what they want ...
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Need help determining pricing for designing a very ambitious app [closed]

I know its alot but please read all of it so you can fairly assess the situation! The Important Backstory I am a 17 year old self taught user-experience designer that is pretty far ahead in the field (...
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How much less to charge as a senior/new graduate for a identity+web package? [closed]

First off, some context: I am a second-semester senior in a graphic design program and will be graduated for most the the project described below. I have worked in an agency before as the main ...
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I find it impossible to quote for a logo design as I never know how long it will take? Any tips I can accurately quote?

I am able to quote for most design tasks (brochure, business cards, leaflets etc) relatively easily, as I have a rough idea of how long I think these will take. But when it comes to designing a logo, ...
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