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Exporting individual layers in Photoshop, keeping their sizes

I‘m trying to export individual layers in Photoshop as PNGs, keeping their size. So if I have a layer that is 200×200 in a composition that is 1000×1000, I want to export just that layer as a PNG at ...
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Is there a faster way to save all layers in PSD to PNG?

I'm trying to export all 155 raster layers, each 240*240 in pixels, to separate png files, but it takes ages to do that using CS5 File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files. This script creates new psd ...
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How to automatically save each layer as its own png/jpeg while keeping one main layer above

We offer vinyl decals for many devices. To show what a design looks like on a device, we have to create a main layer of the device, having the place of where the skin would fit cut out for our ...
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CS5 export layers as files with NO number sequence

I am using cs5 layers to modify and then exporting layers as files. While saving CS5 automatically adds some number sequence at the end thereby modifying my original filename. It automatically ...
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Exporting photoshop layers to PNG in cs6

I've seen the response here, but the built-in script is excruciatingly slow (I let it sit for 3 hours before giving up) and the custom one in the response thinks there's only one layer (and only ...
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Export Layers to Files exports only 4 png files from 100 layers

I am trying to export my layers to png files. Googling suggests that File → Script → Export Layers to Files… is suitable. However, this takes ages to complete and for some reason it ...
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How to get the Icons from the PSD file [closed]

I have an PSD file How to extract all the icons(png) from the psd using photoshop
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How to export groups to separate PDF files in Adobe Photoshop? [duplicate]

I have 180 groups (see image for example), each group is a different label design. I need to export each group as an individual PDF file. What is the best way to achieve this? I know how to export ...
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Layers to png with names in Photoshop

I am looking for a way to export all layers (nested too if possible) of a PSD file to png. But just the layer, with it's current size, not in the document size, with background or other layers. I ...
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Export Photoshop layers in subfolder to individual files?

My question is an extension from this question ( Batch export Photoshop layers to individual PNG files ), but for some reason, I can't seem to contact any of the posters from that thread. Basically, ...
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Export photoshop layers programatically to individual pngs of different sizes

Hi there I'm trying to export all of the layers in my .psd to .pngs/.jpegs and I am having trouble exporting them so that the sizes of the individual .pngs are the size of the image they contain. I ...
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Is it possible in to export layers to separate files in Photoshop as PNG with original resolution?

Is it possible to export layers to separate files as PNG with original resolution? When I try to 'Export as' in Photoshop CC 2015 - it saves files as 72 PPI. I need to keep them as 300 PPI.
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Photoshop Batch Script for Exporting Layers with a Master Backround

I have 100 layers that I want to export with a specific master layer as the background. Any JSX scripts out there for CS6? thanks!
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Print all layers as thumbnails with their names on one page [duplicate]

I want to print all layers preview on one page with the names. I 'm looking for a .atn action or other simple way to do it
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How do I find out what the high level differences are between two partially different PSDs?

How do I find out what the high level differences are between two partially different PSDs? I can diff them as binary/text files, but I would prefer something like added layer x moved item y two ...
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