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how to think of a great design [duplicate]

I'm 16, from India and I really want to be a web/graphic designer.I'm good with coding, Illustrator, Photoshop etc. Problem is, I only KNOW how to do stuff, like, I see a design and I can confidently ...
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Tips and resources for beginning designers

Thanks to the internet, graphic design and programming are becoming increasingly overlapping fields. As a programmer, I constantly find myself needing basic knowledge of Graphic Design, but have ...
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How do you break out of current creative mind sets?

Most designers hit a roadblock at one time or another. Few designers get those "dream" projects where they are allowed to create anything and everything they want. In most cases we all have to ...
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How can a popular free site with minimal budget obtain quality UI/UX design support?

I'm the dev of a web-based music player called TheParade. I listen to music on youtube often, and wanted a better experience, so I created the app, which I've been incrementally coding up over the ...
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Where can I find small and limited projects in order to make my first steps toward working professionally as a designer/developer

I am in UI design, and currently looking for jobs, and realized that photoshop skills, and being able to create your designs yourself was a big plus for potential jobs. I have some photoshop skills ...
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How to combine pictures to relate them to the person who viewed these pictures?

I have a lot of video footage in first person view, dramatic scenery, and a photo of an old man. I want to combine them to make a background picture (1920 x 1080) that should transmit the message: ...
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Resources on web design aesthetic

I am looking for online resources (no books please) that provide general rules and guidelines for web graphic design. I am pretty good at scripting (as far as HTML, JavaScript, and PHP are concerned), ...
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Creating vector art with a programming background?

I come from the land of game programming and a very logically oriented mind with a bit of a dulled experience. I have experience manipulating images in Photoshop, doing tasks like slicing and tracing ...
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Self taught graphic designer Is there a GPS for steps in learning?

The funny thing is it seems I have more clients then skills to match it. When I say that, what I mean is, I do logos and flyers even help with placement on sites like wixs and word press for web. Now ...
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Beginner Web Designer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Tips and sources for beginning designers For some time now I have been strugling with my inability to create my own web designs. I am a pretty decent coder but I always have ...
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Where is a good place to learn graphic design for beginners? [closed]

I want to follow just one course. Google is giving me a lot. Something like which is perfect for programming for beginners. What about for graphic design using photoshop?
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how to design visually beautifull websites? [closed]

I have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and ... and I can make an entire website in 2 or 3 days but I don't know how to make it beautiful an attractive!! can you tell what should I do coz I ...
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How to get one's creative juices flowing again? [duplicate]

I wanted to post this in case anyone else is going through what I am experiencing. I haven't done a lot of artwork in the past few years. I was trying to get back into a grove. But, I found that I was ...
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Improving design skills [duplicate]

I've been practicing front-end web design for almost 4 months now (and by that I mean design, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). I've found that I excel in terms of writing code and markup, but my design ...
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