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Hi everyone here a problem I have, basically I want to remove all white from this image so I can paint beneath the illustration. When I remove the white using magic eraser or the magic wand I'm ...
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How can I change all the white pixel into transparent using photoshop? [duplicate]

.I want to change all the white pixels into transparent so that I can choose the background of my choice. I may decide to use a black background, so multiply doesn't work.
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How to create an image that is just shading and transparency? [duplicate]

In photoshop I created this image that is supposed to represent the folds of a curtain: I, however, only want the shading aspect of this so that I can export that to a PNG and display it over any ...
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Quick way to set background to transparant [duplicate]

What is the quickest way to set a transparant background to jpg image with a white background without any major editing? I have tried a few online solutions but the quality always seems poor, so any ...
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Having hard time removing this white background from a logo, need help [duplicate]

I need to remove white background from this logo, but whatever I have tried, doesn't seem to work correctly. For example, when I try to use the magic eraser tool, it also erases some of the text.
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Can I blend a layer to the canvas in Photoshop? [duplicate]

Blend modes work great between layers but can I blend to the canvas? For example, take this image: It has an orange square on the left and transparent canvas on the right. I then placed a black-to-...
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Add transparency to an existing PNG

I'd like to use this image on a web site. What I need to do is change the background from black to transparent, so I can use the arrow on my site maintaining the page background. I used Gimp to ...
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how to make a color transparent in GIMP

I realize there are a ton of questions like this, but they are all way overcomplicated for what I am trying to do. What I want to do is very simple. I want the background of my image completely ...
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Replace black background with a transparent background

How can I add transparent background on this image instead of black background, but I also would like to keep the partial transparency effect on some of the particles and particles borders. Could you ...
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Photoshop CS5: Setting a black background to transparent

I have an image of smoke over a black background. If I set the blending mode of this layer to screen, the image's background is perfectly edited out, however if there isn't another layer below this, ...
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How can I mask out airplane propellers properly?

I have this image which I wish to mask out the propellers properly. I thought maybe Refine Edge would do the work but it didn't success. I would like to know what kind of tools I probably should use ...
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Make image high contrast - 2 tone black and white

Ive got a bunch of logos i want to display on a 'press' page, the logos all have different color schemes, which clash so i want to make all the logos black and white, no greyscale, just 2 colours, ...
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How to create a graphic of a text with transparent background [duplicate]

I make custom cursors for Tumblr blogs and this was a request, but I can't seem to figure out how to make all but the words transparent; even the spaces in the loops need to be transparent:
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How to take a logo out of its background

I have this image of the logo of my NGO and I want to use only the part of the actual logo (without the white background) so that I can put it on photos/flyers etc. I hope I could explain it clearly ...
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Inkscape - transparent fill, but still occlude paths below it

I'm doing line art in Inkscape. For the sake of saneness, I need the fill of a path to occlude paths beneath it, so I just fill everything with white. However, while exporting to a bitmap, I don't ...
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