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Why is my vector PNG pixelated when I zoom? [duplicate]

I have saved my vector image as a PNG from Adobe Illustrator, but when I open the saved PNG file & zoom in on it, the image becomes pixelated.. Why is it doing this?
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sending vector files to manufacturers [duplicate]

Im not at all up with graphic design however i'm trying to get some samples of products manufactured in China and the company has asked for a vector file. I have no idea what it is or how to turn the ...
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Text in my Photoshop image looks "blurry"

I am creating a website header in Photoshop CS5, however when I look at it, the text looks very blurry and I have no idea why. I use the Web preset. What do you recommend for the sharpest and best ...
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How to ensure scalability of logo design?

How can I make my logo suitable for all purposes, from webpages to very large printed banners? I currently use use Photoshop.
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What does rasterization do to an image?

What is the general purpose for making or converting graphics / images to a raster format? What happens to an image when it is rasterized?
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Is there a way to change the color of a .png object using Adobe Illustrator?

I just downloaded a zip file of .png banners and arrows. However, they were all created black. Is there any way I can change the color of the objects in Adobe Illustrator?
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How can I edit a scanned business card?

My client gave me a business card to create an advertisement. I scanned it, now I want to add clipart and edit text. How do I activate the document and make changes? I am using GIMP and Inkscape.
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How to take a logo out of its background

I have this image of the logo of my NGO and I want to use only the part of the actual logo (without the white background) so that I can put it on photos/flyers etc. I hope I could explain it clearly ...
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How to separate clusters of different vector objects in a purchased stock image?

I just purchased a group pack of umbrella silhouette vectors. They came in .jpg file, .eps file, and .png file. I only need one of these vectors. I am having trouble selecting just one in the PNG....
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Is Illustrator good for Android?

I know nothing of graphic design. I've started developing for Android, and I want my interface to be beautiful, and for that I know it needs to be designed by hand, but I also know that means knowing ...
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Unsure of vector file formats in Photoshop

I created a logo in Photoshop.. Yes I know this should be done in Illustrator, but I haven't mastered it yet. My question is, what would be the equivalent in Photoshop when a client asks for the ...
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Advice on becoming vector proficient

Background I'm a complete novice and not very tech savvy but I'm interested in teaching myself how to create and design images in a vector based format. What I need to do I would like to get ...
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Convert png into svg and then use it in html between svg tag

I have web portfolio with images for the websites I worked on. For responsiveness I think SVG would be a better choice so that it does not lose any quality when browser is resized. For that reason I ...
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