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Which file format produces the highest image quality for slideshows?

I'm working on a project, where I have to create images on PhotoShop. We're going to place my images on a slideshow. So far, I'm making sure to save my custom images as vector images and setting my ...
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How to create a glitch free stroke icon in photoshop?

I'm creating an icon but if I use it in small resolution screen it's shown with glitches like follow:
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Online Solution for editing (breaking apart) Vector files [closed]

outside of Adobe and Corel Draw is there an online solution for taking a PNG, JPG or SVG file and breaking it apart to change the colors or styles?
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JPEG using illustrator [closed]

Does the quality of JPEG pictures changed when cropped in any app editting pics? and *what can I do to have a high resolution JPEG pics and unchangale (vector) format?, because as i know that using ...
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