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How should I handle a client who is asking me to copy? [duplicate]

A company has approached me to design t-shirts. They want me to incorporate some famous band's picture as well as their logo...but I know they are asking me to copy. If you have ever faced a similar ...
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Copyright, Outright Copying and Client Requirements [duplicate]

I've been asked to recreate some vector artwork based on an image supplied by my client "from the internet". I told them I cannot copy it exactly but can create something of a similar nature. "Oh if ...
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If I'm given resources by a client, should I look up the licenses of each one of those resources?

If I'm given resources by a client, should I look up the licenses of each one of those resources? Can this affect me in any way legally?
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How can I get a mentor currently, as a student?

I'm currently a student at an art school, however I know I lack a large amount of experience to even be considered a graphic designer. I don't think I have the portfolio/experience yet to do ...
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How can a designer decide whether a competitors design is similar enough to their own to take further action?

There is a lot of copycatting out in the world, and it's a constant legal battle fought in higher courts. For us ants on the ground, grinding away in smaller capacities with little or no permanent ...
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Can I use the image of a copyrighted character in my commercial design?

I started working on my own designs to sell and had someone come and asked me if I could put a classic Winnie the Pooh image in my design. I am selling the whole piece to this customer, but can I ...
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Fair use of photos in design mockups

I'm wondering what the copyright laws are for using photos in design mockups and concepts. For example, if you look at a platform like Dribbble there's a ton of IMDB, Netflix etc. mockups that are ...
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Is recreating other artist's assets a copyright infringement?

I have been asked to create some assets for a graphic design app, based on some reference similar assets from the internet. Note that I have been asked to reproduce all graphics in Photoshop and ...
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Client asked me to create a vector of a Pokemon for the logo, Is it breaking any copyright laws? [closed]

As a freelance graphic designer I get requests a lot of the time with people who want me to vector/create a mascot of Pokémon and other game characters. And I’d love to hear whether or not I’m legally ...
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If one hires a designer who plagiarizes, who is held liable?

I plan to hire a graphic designer to design the cover and a few internal graphics for a book I wrote. Suppose the designer then finds some other artist's work, copy and pastes the graphics, and sells ...
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What can i do if my boss gives me an image to use and says he has rights for but wont show me that he does?

So my boss buys tons of old images and asks me to use them on some of our work. I notice that these are images of classic/old famous stars and he wants me to make calender's and posters. He says he ...
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How do I know the client own the rights to the photos they want me to use?

I have been given the responsibility of doing a very simple Photoshop edit for a long distance friend's website: putting an image inside of text. They have asked me to use one of their photos to put ...
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past clients logo copyright

I'm working on my first freelance project and I have question regarding a copyright issue. In a sample website design I showed to my client, there is a list of his past clients with their logos on it ...
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Print question - legal and copyright

A client has approached me with a PDF and would like me to find him a price on the print, to beat his previous printers cost. Can I legally do this? Just forward another PDF on? I'm a bit anxious ...
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