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How to leave a gap between two objects [Illustrator] [duplicate]

So for a while now I've been wondering how to put a gap between two objects like in the example given. , , between the wings and shield, there is an even gap. Is there a short cut or do I have to go ...
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How do I carve a text shape or "negative space" into an object? [duplicate]

I have a logo design that I'm trying to re-create digitally. I want to situate the company name in front of a vector design (a wheel) and cut-away from the wheel in the shape of the text so there is ...
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How to make something transparent while still keeping the effect intact [duplicate]

So I am literally a illustrator noob with literally 4 hours of experience since writing this post. I am creating a logo for my school robotics team and I wanted to make the background of the logo ...
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AI: Make lines "burn" through underlying layer (transparency) [duplicate]

I want to create a SVG icon similar to this: Instead of drawing the lines, I want to create the shapes formed by the negative space (the white shapes). What I did was: Ellipse Tool > drew a ...
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Set a stroke to knockout a fill behind it with live text in Illustrator

I'd like to be able to set the stroke of some live text to knockout a fill that is offset so it appears as a shadow with negative space between the top fill and the "shadow" fill. I can't seem to find ...
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Change colors of linked Illustrator image from InDesign

I'm trying to link Illustrator line drawings, that are made of shapes with black strokes and white fills (hiding parts of other shapes behind them), to an InDesign document. The images will sit on a ...
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Is there a way to set a transparent color in Adobe Illustrator?

In PowerPoint, it is really easy to remove a background of a raster image when the background is a solid color. You just have to go to "Format > Color > Set Transparent Color". This, ...
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Illustrator CC Minus front not doing what I expect

This hair artwork is composed of dozens of paths. A path (which has been Brought to Front) represents the hair parting. I'd like to delete this path, so there is a transparent area there. (This is ...
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Illustrator Path Exclusion

I get how the pathfinder tools work whether it's uniting, exclusion, intersect, etc. Is there a way to do the same thing, only exclude a path instead of the whole shape? Example: There's a square ...
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How to create a knockout on a live paint group object in Illustrator?

I am trying to get the face to show as transparent through the mug object which is a live paint group. I've tried the Pathfinder, but it didn't work. What do I need to do?
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Illustrator/Sketch: Make border subtract through background

I would like the white icon with the stroke, to be red (or whatever is behind the green app shape). How do I achieve this using Illustrator or Sketch? I would only like the stroke to subtract, and the ...
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Is it possible to change this image to white and make it not look like a blob?

I need this to be white for a water bottle but I can't figure out how to make it work. this is what happens when I reverse it. And this is what happens when I stroke. I am fairly new to ...
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How to create invisible border line between two objects that are touching?

So, I have several objects that are touching. I want to create an invisible borderline between them. I know I could just move the object apart but then I lose the the right position of the object. Is ...
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