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Saving a document in photoshop CMYK turns SOME black into gray

I am creating a rather big photoshop document 3000x3000 which i want to print. I thought i took all the precautions: CMYK color mode 300ppi save as pdf and so on Still when i save the picture as pdf ...
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"Black text has been set up so it prints as 4 colours, rather than just black" - what?

I'm currently dealing with a printer, who I've been working with for a year or two. We've sent off to had one of our brochures reprinted - the same files as last time, except now they're having some ...
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What CMYK values should I use for rich black, and how should I handle tints/shades?

I'm working on a full color piece in Illustrator which has a few large black and grey areas. I'd like the black to be a rich black. I was thinking c30 m30 y30 k100. What is the best ways to match my ...
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How do I change the Black used for text in PDFs exported by InDesign?

I have a problem when I get a PDF from a designer and I have to chop it up in Photoshop and place it in InDesign and then re-export it. When it goes to print, it prints all the text in registration ...
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What's the difference between CMYK Black and RGB Black

I know this sounds a stupid question, black is black right? Wrong: It's black right? so why are the CMYK Values so far away from black?
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