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What is the difference between wireframes and mockups?

I would like to know the difference between Wireframes and Mockups. I'm hoping to gain a simple understanding of the difference or to definitively know that both are the same. I googled it but I ...
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Alternative to Lorem Ipsum (dummy text) for websites

Lorem Ipsum has been the known default for dummy text. Per a search the last discussion in regards to alternatives is two years old. I thought I would post a new thread on this topic. So, what are ...
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How to present web design mockups to a client?

I'm working on a website redesign project. I will need to present a few different mockups to the client for review. I want to make sure the client can see everything in context. I don't want to assume ...
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Web design what to use Photoshop or Illustrator?

What should I use to design websites, Photoshop or Illustrator? Is there a correct software or is it more a personal choice?
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What are some common mistakes that a designer can make when designing for web, and how can they be avoided?

What are some common mistakes to avoid while designing? I know color, text and images play a major part in designing, but there are so many other things that we need to take care of! I don't know ...
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How do you present interactive webdesign?

The interactivity becomes more and more presents in our design for the web, but has anyone found a good way to presents the interactivity to the client ? I talk mainly about the small animations like ...
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Why should I make reponsive templates in Photoshop?

I am a designer and currently working on responsive web templates in Photoshop. I started to learn responsive designs just now after seeing its market need. As I am a designer so I started to try in ...
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What is the PSD to HTML best practices with HTML5?

I'm getting quite confused with all the different methods of converting from psd to html 5. I'm trying to practice converting PSDs to HTML so i get enough experience. There are a ton of complicated ...
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Why use Photoshop for Web Design

Aside from its bitmap effects, can someone tell me why I should use Photoshop for creating website layouts instead of Illustrator? To the best of my knowledge Photoshop was never intended to be used ...
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What is your ideal workflow for web development?

More than occasionally if I am tasked with creating a website from scratch, it seems doable right up until I begin working on it. Then it feels like a mountain of work that is bigger than I can ...
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What are some good "mocking-up" practices in web design?

A friend of mine and I have been trying to start up a web design company, so we're looking to find the most efficient overall web-design process straight off the block. However after reading a few ...
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Designing a website mockup in Illustrator

I am designing a website in Illustrator and then handing the PDF off to the web developer. What size in inches should my mock up be?
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Organizing PSDs for developers

Is it ok for designers to not organize PSDs before giving them to developers? If not, how do you prepare your PSDs for developers? I'm asking, from the perspective of a developer.. the designers I ...
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New web designer - strictly design in the browser, or be open to designing from PSD mockups?

I'm someone that's been following the industry and reading up on web design/development for a good few years, and only now making the leap into studying it properly in order to go freelance. From what ...
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Responsive design: Mobile first/only

I work in a design studio, and when we have a responsive project we usually start the full design for the desktop, and when we're done with the desktop, for the rest of the platforms we choose a ...
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