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Why does this line appear in my text? [duplicate]

Do you know why this horizontal line appears at the top of this headline text? It shows in Illustrator and when saved as JPG, and in some PDF viewers. This is a single click text line (not a text box)...
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Flatten transparency in illustrator (not PDF file) is showing white lines/gap between the shapes [duplicate]

I have an illustration with transparency's blending mode applied, I am willing to flatten the transparency for better output but when I apply Flatten Transparency some tiny white lines appear as ...
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Borders around AI images in InDesign [duplicate]

I made a booklet in InDesign with a couple of illustrator images. When I do Print Booklet and use Press Quality I get odd borders around the images: I think it has to do with transparency flattening ...
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Conversion to pdf file? [duplicate]

I'm having trouble exporting a file to PDF. These bubbles are vectors, and when I print them directly from Illustrator, they are fine. However, when I convert them to a print-ready PDF, they end up ...
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Visible Grid appearing in Image in PDF [duplicate]

I have a .pdf that I am trying to send to our printer which has a few color images in the manuscript. These few high resolution images are appearing to have a weird grid in them that was not present ...
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Why is a PDF made with AI showing a faint black ghost outline around some shapes?

I am trying to help with an .ai document I did not create. It has multiple layers and when they save as PDF, a faint black outline appears behind one of the images but an inch below it--just the ...
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1st time sending PDF book of 48 pages created from InDesign to press

While I've been sending PDFs to press for years, I've never sent an annual 48 page booklet to press as a PDF. I've always sent InDesign package. I guess the thing that makes me most nervous is the ...
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Overlapping elements creating artifacts

I am creating a PDF for printing, and I got some weird artifacts on places where elements with the same color overlap. My workflow is from Illustrator to InDesign to PDF, and to be honest I dont know ...
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How to deal with PDF file containing thin lines/partitioned in boxes?

We are a publisher. Customers often send us advertisements ready for printing. Sometimes when these advertisements are in PDF file format the whole advertisement or parts of it are partitioned in ...
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I want to draw those 4 layers in illustrator without overlapping. I want a perfect aligning between them

is there any way I can draw these layers accurately without having a space or even overlap between them? it is for laser cutting purposes, I used pen to draw every layer, but the pen doesn't provide ...
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Illustrator overprint problem

I have some big trouble with overprinting images in the AI. Files and images in them, that I have, are already been printed, and there was no trouble with them, overprint worked well and all 100% ...
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