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Make part of image transparent in GIMP [duplicate]

Using Gimp, I want to make a small part of an image transparent. However, when I use colour to alpha, it turns the whole image partially transparent by removing the colour from all pixels. Is there ...
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Beginner trying to place a person, minus the background color, on a book cover [duplicate]

I always seem to end up with black or white backgrounds instead of transparent ones. All I need to do is find a subject, make the background transparent, then paste it onto another picture for the ...
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Whats the best way to make the background of these light balls transparent? [duplicate]

Magic wands doesn't work. Tried using GIMP and zooming in to add to alpha channels but there must be a better way?
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Add transparency to an existing PNG

I'd like to use this image on a web site. What I need to do is change the background from black to transparent, so I can use the arrow on my site maintaining the page background. I used Gimp to ...
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Remove background based on color in Inkscape

There is a classical way of removing background in Inkscape using Bezier curves. This is often quite lengthy process. Is it possible to remove the background of an object based on background color (e....
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Making backgrounds of animated GIF files transparent

I have been creating animated GIF files using GIMP from several frames in PNG format that I created using Jmol and now I would like to know how to make the background of the resulting GIF files ...
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Why does my transparent PNG not look good?

I want to convert a JPG to transparent and using GIMP I added alpha layers and transparency same way I make a GIF transparent I converted it to PNG but it doesn't display well when I load it on my ...
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Using GIMP, can you "erase" a color?

I'm presently working on an iOS application and I am attempting to reverse engineer their standard alert dialog window. I have managed to figure out what the alpha value on the background it uses is ...
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With Photoshop, how to batch replace white background with transparent in the image

I have got hundreds images of products with clear white backgrounds. I would like to change the white background color to become transparent. Is there a means of batch processing this particular ...
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How do I define or deselect areas where the "Color to Alpha" effect should not be applied?

I have an image where the background is white and there are various important components that are also white. I want to just change the background to alpha, but "Colors to Alpha" - by default - ...
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How to create a graphic of a text with transparent background [duplicate]

I make custom cursors for Tumblr blogs and this was a request, but I can't seem to figure out how to make all but the words transparent; even the spaces in the loops need to be transparent:
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Remove white part of every color to make lighter parts more transparent

My problem is so general, and there are version-dependent plug-ins for the problem not working with my version. I also found workarounds that are not the correct solutions. I would to convert my ...
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How to remove backgrond using a photo with only the background? (GIMP/others)

I'm trying to remove the background from a photo with a subject, but I would prefer not need to use this kind of techniques to select the background. Some magic-fu would select the shape since it's ...
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Change background color in Gimp

I am as newbie in Gimp as in graphic design. For my first learning task I tried to change background color as in tutorial, but I think, I took rather challenging picture to do that. The picture i took ...
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Separating a stock photograph from background

I purchased some stock images for a website I'm building (I'm a programmer, with relatively no design experience at all). The issue at hand is, like most stock images, the images I purchased are on ...
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