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Logo Pack - What should I include?

What files should i put in a logo pack to give to clients? Should I put small, medium and large version of my logo as well as the vector file.
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How to choose company logo resolution? [duplicate]

I am currently finishing logo in Photoshop. Logo will be used in Instagram header(or whatever it's called) and also will be printed on all kinds of different stuff of various sizes. I need an ...
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What files to give my Client for their Logo [duplicate]

I took graphic design in school years ago, but have been out of the loop for quite some time. I recently created a vector logo for a friend for their business. I am wondering how to save the files so ...
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What file type should I use for a logo when exporting from Adobe Illustrator?

I'm a fine artist, new to Adobe Illustrator. I'm in the process of designing a logo for a company using Illustrator. What type of file should I send them when all is completed, so they can use this ...
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Jargon: What do company ad departments call the vector files?

As someone laying out an event program or the like for an amateur production, I need to call the sponsors and ask for the print-layout material for their ads. I'm getting second hand scans from ...
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Illustrator: preparing to deliver a logo

I'm working on a logo that the client is going to print with transparent background for putting as a watermark on photos and other materials and i'm making another format for a stamp of 40x40mm. I'm ...
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What is the ideal way to archive drafts of logos and general graphic design pieces?

I work for a branding agency in Southern California and was recently promoted to Lead Designer. While there was a solid system already laid out, I have been trying to address some issues that seem to ...
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Transparent background on my logo

Hiya I am fairly new to illustrator. I have made a logo for my client, which is all vector and ready to handover. I've saved a pdf version and an .ai version to give to him and these are good, but ...
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How many logo variation is too many? [duplicate]

Some background & context When including third party logos, we often get given low quality files. Mostly these are low resolution JPGs, but I have seen badly hand drawn scans (expected to be used ...
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Advice when hiring a freelancer for creating a company logo

I'm about to hire a freelancer to create a logo for my IT consulting company. My personal thoughts: The logo will be vector based as I might need to use it at different sizes. It should look good in ...
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What type of vector format is appropriate for a graphic designer to give me when the work is completed?

I contracted a graphic designer to create a business logo vector for me. They were supposed to give me one with a white background and one with a transparent background. What I ended up getting is a ....
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Can Illustrator files exported through the "export for screens" method also be printed? Is that the best practice?

I'm really more of a Photoshop person, so I have gaps in my self-taught Illustrator knowledge, so thanks for the patience. When I do logos for clients, I use Export for Screens as recommended by most ...
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