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white layer background and bleed? [duplicate]

I am preparing a document to send to print. I was asked to add bleed. Is it necessary for a no background document? The image on the design will not go all the way to the edge. Or should I add a ...
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Bleed space for creative [duplicate]

I am making a New Year Standee and would like to know what the bleed space should be. I am making the creative in Illustrator. Kindly help
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Why do some printed documents have those target-like lines in their corners?

Why do some printed documents have those target-like lines in their corners? Can't think of any concrete examples right now so I just made this:
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Do we need bleed if the Print output isn't intended to be cut (as is output)

been trying to get a handle on this bleed thing.. and i kinda get it, but for the most part it talks about making sure there are no white-outs at the edges of your printed document after it's been cut ...
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I understand bleed and trim, but why is there another zone which isn't safe for text?

One thing makes sense to me: Current mass-printing techniques don't allow us to: Print to the page in perfect alignment Trim the page in perfect alignment. So that explains why we keep important ...
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How to prepare margins in Photoshop for A4 printing?

I have created new image in Photoshop by selecting A4 template: And my image has borders such as: I am about to print it to A4 paper at a commercial printer. Now I understand that printers have ...
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CMYK Color Separation for offset printing

Hello I would like to ask how to do CMYK color separation for offset printing? Is it the same for screen printing i.e. spot colors? What would be the optimal DPI, Frequency and angles? My mom sent ...
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How to read trim dimensions (115 3/8”w x 38”h)?

I have been given these dimensions: 115 3/8”w x 38”h for a print banner but I don't quite understand what it means! i.e: what is the width & height of the canvas I should work on?
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How much should be the bleed area for a banner?

How much bleed area should I keep for a banner size of 760*1200 mm in Corel Draw or Illustrator any of the two or both?
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Suggestion on printing with a photo not large enough for Bleeding?

I come across a problem sometimes when preparing files for printing, there are photos just big enough to put in the final graphic output, but not big enough for the whole bleeding area: The photo is ...
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How to print on paper without any kind of margins

I have been designing my own calendar and other things like this. They are minimalistic and don't contain any images. I want to print them without any margins, so that my design fills the entire A4 ...
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Illustrator color fill problem

I'm working on a packaging box and I have a ready template. I'm not an expert in Illustrator and I can't seem to fill the other boxes with colour. If anybody knows how I can successfully fill color ...
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Gradient not printing correctly in InDesign

I'm creating a flyer in InDesign CS5. I have an object at the top with a gradient fill and text over the object. I tried to do a test print of the flyer, and the gradient isn't printing ...
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Double Page Spread Bleed [duplicate]

I am making a magazine that is due to be printed tomorrow. I am working in InDesign and need to export it to a PDF (Print) for printing. It needs to have a 3mm bleed. I have done this, and checked ...
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How much bleed should I put on social media images?

I'm using the guidelines for social media images, but I notice that I have to take into account some borders and so on. What is standard bleed for online images? 5px, 10px? Guide is here: http://...
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