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A logo on a T-Shirt printing [duplicate]

I want to make this logo print-ready on a T-shirt, but I have a few questions: 1) I have an overlap in my logo, I tried to merge the whole artwork but I get conflation artefacts, I also tried the ...
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What kind of black should I use when designing for CMYK print?

My question is what kind of black should I use when printing. At the moment I use this black (split into CMYK): C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100% It looks fine in InDesign or Illustrator but if I save a PDF ...
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How can I have prints with white ink?

Say, I have a small business card that has solid, dark background and white text. Registration, ink amount and look & feel -wise I'd prefer the paper itself be dark and the text printed in one ...
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Why do some printed documents have those target-like lines in their corners?

Why do some printed documents have those target-like lines in their corners? Can't think of any concrete examples right now so I just made this:
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Saving a document in photoshop CMYK turns SOME black into gray

I am creating a rather big photoshop document 3000x3000 which i want to print. I thought i took all the precautions: CMYK color mode 300ppi save as pdf and so on Still when i save the picture as pdf ...
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Identifying printing quality issues

I have just received some business cards that I ordered to a local copy shop (not a printing house). The result is acceptable, but it doesn't look very professional. It is 87x54.5 mm, while the ...
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Different shades of black in Photoshop and InDesign

I'm currently putting together a CD cover, and haven't been working that much with printing, so CMYK tends to confuse me a bit. I'm going to place a logo inside a frame in InDesign. I added the exact ...
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A good dark grey cmyk with lots of small white text

My print has got a plain dark grey background CMYK of 0, 0, 0, 90. This has just been rejected from the printers because 'it was black space and not CMYK'.. Not fully understanding this I decided to ...
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How to achieve contrast in a black-on-black design

I'm trying to achieve a black-on-black design on a business card. See link here: AHC 180 Youth Ministry Business Card. The large black arrow and the grunge splotches are a rich black of 40-40-40-100, ...
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Gradient tool in Photoshop not even blend?

When you make a gradient in PS, for example a black to white gradient going across the screen, it seems that it is not an even blend from black to white. There is too much black, too much white, and ...
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How could I make more appealing titles on this particular design?

As a Desktop Publisher I feel like I lack the skills of designing something to make it look appealing overall. I have an A4 page where there are some products shown. It has a kinda dark background ...
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Is composite color editing my print media ads in photoshop a frowned upon practice?

Obviously with print media, the norm is to design the ad in vector, CYMK, in a tool such as InDesign, and export straight to PDF or something. But I like to put a vivid "edge" in the coloring of my ...
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InDesign – Overprinting white at a Guangzhou printshop

I'm just about to send a CD-booklet 134mmX122mm (34pp)for print in a Guangzhou printshop – and the language barrier makes it a bit difficult to get all points across; I'm wondering about what I need ...
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Queries from Printers about my booklet created with photoshop, please help [closed]

I sent my artwork for print and they have returned it with a few queries. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me understand what they are asking of me. They said: 1) No bleeds , no trim ...
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printing, drawing over it then scanning it back in

I have drawn a pattern on the computer and then printed it out on A4. I would like to go over it using black pen, can I do this and then scan the finished piece into the computer while maintaining it'...
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