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Picking the right "white" to suit a theme [duplicate]

When you take a photo of a white object, it's never actually #FFFFFF white. It will have a greenish tint if you take the photo outside, or orangeish in sunlight. Let's say I have a theme for an app ...
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Inkscape: realistic lighting and shading

Graphics have never been my force, so i decided to close this gap. After learning the basics of Inkscape and SVG, i'm trying to give more "reality" to my drawings. I have a circle which i want to make ...
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Gradient "white mark" optical illusion

I have a solid colour background. Diagram 1. Over the top of this is a transparent gradient going left to right. Diagram 2. It is RGB 0,0,0, the left edge is 85% opacity, and the right edge fades off ...
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Opacity turning colour into a yellowish tint

This may be something simple or stupid on my behalf, but i'm still a student :) I am creating an image as shown in the screenshot, with various opacities. The right side has no opacities (100%), and ...
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How to create harmonious color palette?

Look at these harmonious colors, they come from Google Material Design. I'm wondering how did Google designers create them? Expert knows that dark yellow will turn into lemon (with little green in it),...
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How to choose the right color shades/tints for branding? - Part 2

I sincerely apologise for the duplicate question. I'm not sure how to add to the discussion on the original, and I don't have enough reputation to leave comments. Here is the original question: How ...
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Calculation of RGB colors based on a sample color with darker and lighter variants

I have an icon which utilizes 3 variants of the same basic color (at least it seems). This is the basic color: #7646be: 1st variant (darker version): #582299: 2nd variant (lighter version): #c4acff: ...
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How to make a gradient based on perceptual interpolation in Illustrator?

In Photoshop, there are gradient options like "perceptual", instead of only the default gradient like in Illustrator. In Illustrator, I believe gradients are not created based on a ...
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Selecting the exact color

I'm trying to be an expert for choosing colors and combining colors. So I found a tutorial making schools sets icons and for a start, I am making a pencil but I'm not going to follow the same exact ...
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How do you create color scales? [closed]

I know that you can tint a color to white and shade it to black but this is not always good enough to me as it can produce very desaturated results. Also will you take in consideration to have a ...
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Achieving advanced colorization effects

The image on the right below is the colorized version of the one on the left (GIMP was used). In my opinion, the colorized version looks fake because, for example, the borders of the three lollipops ...
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