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I'm Looking For Free Graphic Design Software Like Adobe Photoshop [duplicate]

I love the idea of using Photoshop, though it's well out of my price range. I'm looking for free software that is very much the same feeling of Photoshop but for free and for use on a Windows 10 PC (...
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Is there a software able to automatically produce professional-looking images?

I saw a similar question asked, but mine is more precise in what I am looking for. Is there any (free) software or free web based software I can use for the following purpose: I want to be able to ...
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What is the best program for image optimizing for the web?

What programs besides Photoshop are good for saving and optimizing images for web?
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How do I expand a folder of layers in Photoshop Elements?

In Photoshop Elements, how do I expand a layer group to see the layers inside? I mean "Register form" or "login form" in the following screenshot:
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How to create & save a .gif without dithering with MS Paint?

I tend to use Photoshop, but for my engineering course I do want to use something as simple as MS Paint. I literally need to do this: Create a square with whatever color outline Fill the square with ...
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Should I, or should I not, consider using an image editing tool other than PhotoShop?

Please forgive the open-ended title. My actual question, I think, is a bit more specific and suited for this site but it is rather difficult to articulate my need in one simple sentence. Quick ...
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What are the tool kits used for making designs like those on dribble

I saw some jaw-dropping designs at Dribble and Behance. Can someone give the idea about tool kits required to make such beautiful things ? Are there actually competitive free alternatives available ?...
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Free editor to render a custom logotype on different goods?

I need a free editor (online or offline) to apply a logo on different goods, like pens, t-shirts, cards and so on. UPDATED I don't need to draw a logotype, I have it already. Just I need a some tools ...
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How do I crop an image with just one or a few layers with Pixelmator?

The task I'm trying to achieve with Pixelmator is opening up a PSD and quickly (because I generally have to do it a lot) crop a piece of the image but also removing layers that I don't want in the ...
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illustration tools for beginners

I'm a software developer and am working on a personal project (website + iphone/ipad app). I need simple illustrations for these to fill in the blanks until the project gets "some" paying customers or ...
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