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What is the difference between RGB and CMYK colours? [duplicate]

Why does the printer ask for all colours to be in CMYK, cant you sometimes send them as RGB like when you might print them from an office printer?
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RGB and CMYK: Why both?

Any of you who have at least little experience with graphic design software, photography or professional printing, must have -almost undoubtedly- have gone through this: 'the struggle' of RGB and CMYK ...
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How to convert RGB colors into CMYK (real paint colors)?

How can I convert an RGB color into a real life color? If I mix equal amounts of red, green and blue paint together in real life, I will never achieve a white color, in the way you do when setting ...
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How do I make screenshots look good when printed in CMYK?

When printing screenshots alongside black text, black areas of the screenshot look a washed out "muddy dark grey" and "washed out". What causes this and can I improve the black color area?
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Why is the opposite of yellow on color wheels sometimes purple and sometimes blue?

Why do traditional color wheels have yellow opposite to violet (purple), whereas graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop have yellow opposite to blue? Yellow opposite violet (purple): Yellow ...
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Simplest set of inks that could print the RGB gamut?

Artist Tauba Auberbach produced this recently: It's called RGB Colourspace Atlas, and is a physical, printed book of what it implies is the whole RGB colour space. Is there an existing commercially ...
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What are Color Profiles?

What are color profiles (in Photoshop) and how do they actually affect the printing?
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How to choose the right color to get the wanted effect in web design?

For example, in this tutorial, how could the author know which color to choose for creating a navigation bar? Why did he/she know that the gradient from #d0d0d0 to #f9f9f9 would generate the following ...
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How should I match Pantone / CMYK / RGB colors for my designs?

I am going to buy Pantone (C/U) and CMYK (C/U) patterns. How should I choose the colors for my designs? First CMYK, then Pantone and RGB last?
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I select colour #0033ff and get colour #3d58a7 in a CMYK Photoshop file. What could be happening?

I am working on this CMYK file and until today all colours could be selected and everything was working fine. Today I decide to give it a bright blue background, and select shade #0033ff. I see a ...
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Need help understanding the difference between RGB and CMYK [duplicate]

I am a web developer that fancies myself on being graphically savvy, but I am far from a graphical designer — everything I need is able to be done in raw HTML and CSS. The marketing director at our ...
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Why don't low-opacity colours blend the way I expect?

As an experiment, I made three fill layers in Photoshop: one red (#ff0000), one green (#00ff00) and one blue (#0000ff). I set each layer to 33% opacity. I thought they would blend together to make ...
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How to prepare fonts for an online printable poster

I want to make a website that people come and type a sentence and I make a poster out of it, print it, and send it to them. I was thinking of exporting as PDF (as recommended in this SO question). I ...
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Why won't my RGB file print as RGB in InDesign?

In InDesign, I have a file that's RGB (and I set the 'intent' as web, so the program is reading it as an RGB document-I could see it), but it's printing CYMK. what printer settings do i have to change?...
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