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Print resolution when Photoshop shows pixels per inch not dpi [duplicate]

I am about to send some sketches which I have scanned and and tidied up in Photoshop. My scans were 300dpi at the scanner. I've checked by docs and they all say 300 pixels per inch. Here's an ...
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PPI vs. DPI confusion (not a duplicate! NOT the same question that's been asked!) [duplicate]

I was also confused about the meanings of PPI vs. DPI and so I read a few tutorials on Google (including the top posts on StackExchange network addressing this). I think I know why people are ...
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Raster Graphics [duplicate]

How is resolution connected to ppi and dpi units? In the context of editing photos, resolution is a measurement of the output quality of an image. DPI and PPI because that is what you will be dealing ...
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What is difference between overprint, pass, resolution, PPI and DPI in design printing? [duplicate]

I have read through many resources but I still don't understand what are the difference between them. Can anyone give good examples that is able for me to imagine the different and explain what is ...
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Point vs Pixel: What is the difference?

What is the difference between points and pixels?
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What exactly is a "Pixel"?

"Pixel" always confuses me whenever I do web banner work. I use CorelDraw x5 for my work. I usually prefer to use inches rather than pixels as inches are much intuitive for me. But when I do an "...
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What DPI should be used for what situations?

I've been seeing the word 'DPI' pop up quite a lot when I export my work out in Photoshop and Illustrator. While I know that DPI stands for 'dots per inch', and that if you have too low of a DPI on an ...
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Dot vs. Pixel - rudimentary explanation

I've read many explanations, but either they all are too abstruse or they gainsay each other. Why Dots Per Inch Isn't Pixels Per Inch A dot refers to ink density, effectively; a pixel refers to image ...
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What is the best resolution to work at for Android devices?

I am trying to design an app for Android devices, but they come in all sizes and stuff... with different resolutions and its a bit confusing. What is the best way to do it? Work at the biggest ...
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iOS 4 retina display resolution size

I'm a little confused about the resolution here, I know the dimensions suppose to be: 320x480 points but what do I need to put for the resolution? e.g. 300 dpi? I'm designing on CS5.
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Increase image resolution without increasing the image dimension on export

I'm trying to increase the PPI of my logo using Adobe Illustrator, but when I export it the image dimensions that should be 131x31 increase to 268×64. How can I fix it?
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Inept knowledge about dpi and ppi,please help?

I have designed a web header 1000x98 at 72 ppi using Macromedia Fireworks for our website and we are planning to print a billboard using that header? The printer has told us that he needs the image ...
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Optimizing a screenshot for adding in a document and printing

This question is not directly related to graphic design, but I think you guys can help. I am writing a thesis and I need to add several screenshots of the tools I have used and screenshots of web ...
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How to see DPI of image in Illustrator - Illustrator CC

Is there a way to see the DPI of an image you hae opened in illustrator? I have an image open but it doesn't show in the document info window any resolution Also checked linked and it shows the PPI ...
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What resolution should I use for my photos in Inkscape?

question from a non-graphic designer here who doesn't fully get the whole 'resolution' thing. From what I understand, Inkscape saves all embedded images as 90dpi. However for printing, 300 dpi is ...
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