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How to Compare a Dot (used in printing) with a Pixel (used in websites)?

I am a web developer but I am noob in designing. I have an html page of size 640 pixel * 800 pixel. I have converted this html page to pdf using wkhtmltopdf. But my boss is saying that we need to ...
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Screenshots from different computers/monitors have different dpi

Has anyone had this issue where they get screenshots from different sources, say two different computers/monitors - pull those screenshots into photoshop, only to find they are different in DPI and/or ...
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How to set up artwork page when measurement given in pixels?

I normally design (mostly theatre posters etc) for print so the size of artwork in cms or mm always. However, when folks ask me design graphics for web they stipulate the pixel size i.e 200 pixels ...
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Images appear bigger on other monitors, possibly caused by low dot pitch?

Images and all dimensions in px or pt that I export for web assets appear to be bigger on another monitor than they appear to be on my monitor. For example, an image of 800 pixels height looks like ...
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