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How to use the Pathfinder Options in the Appearance Panel to subtract shapes? [duplicate]

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Transparent path/stroke fill in Illustrator

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How to hide what's behind an object in a non destructive way / give it an "invisibility cloak"

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Is there a way to set a transparent color in Adobe Illustrator?

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Illustrator CC Minus front not doing what I expect

This hair artwork is composed of dozens of paths. A path (which has been Brought to Front) represents the hair parting. I'd like to delete this path, so there is a transparent area there. (This is ...
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Illustrator Path Exclusion

I get how the pathfinder tools work whether it's uniting, exclusion, intersect, etc. Is there a way to do the same thing, only exclude a path instead of the whole shape? Example: There's a square ...
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How can I achieve this effect? (solid shadow?)

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Outlining Shape Without Encroaching On Shape in Illustrator?

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Illustrator symbolic linked objects?

I am designing a logo and I would like multiple forms of this logo. Example, I have a dark layer behind a white logo, or a light layer behind a black logo. What I am asking is how can I update the ...
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