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How can I make this shape in illustrator? (without pen tool if possible)

I cannot seem to get this shape with two perfect half circles with the pen tool. How hard is it? I try to avoid using it if possible so unfortunately I am not really proficient at using it. Is there ...
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Looking for some simple sans serif book ornaments

We are making the first-ever full size book for a minority language in West Africa. I want this not just OK, but a really nice and well done "real" book. I even found a budget for quality binding. So ...
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Use of the maths in graphics programs

In relation to my activity as a teacher of Mathematics and Physics at an Art School, I would like how to connect in graphics programs, any arguments of the analytic geometry or trigonometry in ...
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Merge circle with lines

Let's say, I am trying to recreate a shape (the circle attached within the M shape) like the attached image. Is there any way to do this simply and perfect? They way I have tried it is not giving me ...
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How to lay out ornate victorian-style graphics?

I'm interested in learning how to create v. decorative vintage-style graphics like this one by J C Desevre. However, I can't figure out how, assuming the original image is drawn by hand, such ...
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How to create perfectly curved shapes in vector art?

One of my weak spots are the smooth and curved shapes. Normally, i use various tools to do that: Pen Oval with angulated corners, and processed with effect-warp or manually 3d revolve with some ...
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How to make spirals into endcaps for strokes?

I'm creating an illustration for a quote and I want to finish the strokes with swirls -like in the image below- but I'm having problems making them look similar. I'm using a spiral tool and adding a ...
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What is good Vector Software with a pencil tool?

I am struggling to find a vector program that is set up similar to Paint Tool SAI or mainly used for sketching. It seems like all the ones I have tried don't even have just a plain pencil tool. Maybe ...
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Programmatic swirl function

In the following post @joojaa writes out the math function for the artwork shown here: His code is specifically in PostScript, which is awesome...but I'm wondering if this can't be converted to ...
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How can I recreate this using the vector tool in sketch?

How can I achieve the same look? I’m unable to get the curves perfect.
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