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What are some techniques to give drawings 3D appearance?

I am very new to this world of graphics design. I have noticed that some drawing look 3D but I have no clue what's making them perceived like that. For example how can I turn a circle to look like a ...
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Illustrator: How to create realistic reflective gold surface?

I'm trying to draw a realistic gold ingot. I've been playing with some basic shapes and gradients, but realism isn't my strong suit. I mean, it's obvious what it's supposed to represent but it just ...
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Inkscape: realistic lighting and shading

Graphics have never been my force, so i decided to close this gap. After learning the basics of Inkscape and SVG, i'm trying to give more "reality" to my drawings. I have a circle which i want to make ...
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Creating a transparent sphere for highlight, shadow

Image 1 is called highlight and 2 is shadow. I came across them while searching for game effects. As explained in the image, one is screening, the other is multiplying, making the base blue sphere ...
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Good source for learning about light/shadow/gradients in flat designs

I came across this creation here on dribble. I have marked some areas with arrows, which are either 'lit up' because of bright light, or have 'shadows' because of absence. And also this one here : ...
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How well will Pantone neon inks translate on to a can?

Specifically on aluminum cans? I'm wanting to design a neon pink can (PMS 806C) but can't find any images or references to this being done before, and how good or bad neons will translate onto a can. ...
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How to paint this bottle glossy?

I am trying to paint this self designed thermos bottle glossy red but I am not been able to understand the light and how to give the glossy effect and how to give light effect on the division line in ...
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How do i give this matte finish to water or anything?

I know how to fix all the problems this tutorial art i did has (light, color, shadows, etc) but theres something missing, i want to achieve a matte finish like the one at the end LINK to the ...
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How to make an object black and metallic?

I was wondering if there's a way to make this psd black and metallic/ glossy I had a play with the 3D panel but not no avail.The object itself is not 3D, I was just hoping I could map a black glossy ...
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3D perspective - where should internal lines go on prism

I am trying to draw a mathematical shape (prism) in 3D but having trouble creating the diagram so the 3D perspective looks good. I essentially want a rectangle on top of a trapezium as the cross-...
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How was this digital painting/illustration created?

I was wondering if anyone can explain what tech or application as well as technique I can use to re-create the style of the background in the image below.
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