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How to create vector graphics In Photoshop?

I know people prefer using CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, but I want to know if there is a technique I can follow to use Adobe Photoshop to make vector Images.
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What can Illustrator do that Photoshop can't?

I'm fairly expert in Photoshop but a total novice in Illustrator. I need to do an infographic and I have a suspicion that Illustrator is what a real designer would use, but I don't really know why I ...
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Importing a vector file into Photoshop WITHOUT rasterising it

I have a simple question: How do I import a vector file into Photoshop WITHOUT getting it rasterised? I know that Photoshop can do curves and paths and all of that, so why can't I open an SVG file in ...
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Different types of EPS in Photoshop

I was going to save an image created using Photoshop and I wanted to save it as .EPS but I see there are 3 different types of EPS available: Photoshop EPS (*.EPS) Photoshop DCS 1.0 (*.EPS) Photoshop ...
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How to edit eps file in Photoshop?

I am making logos in Inkscape for sale. I don't own Illustrator and I just purchased Photoshop, no skills with that one. I have a customer who wants to know if she can edit the logo in photoshop? I ...
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Saving a PSD file as EPS for better quality

I design invitations primarily in Photoshop. I use layers with fonts/.png graphics throughout the design. I save it as a JPEG file and will upload my design to Vistaprint for printing. A customer ...
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Can I save photoshop images as a vector? [duplicate]

I do not have Illustrator, but need to send a file to someone as a vector. Can I save my Photoshop image as a vector?
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Is an eps Illustrator file a full vector file?

If I convert a pdf file to an Illustrator eps file, will it be a full vector file that will resize appropriately?
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Vector file showing up with embedded image

So I recently did some logo design work for a friend of a friend and just sent him a collection of image files, with each design available as a basic JPG, a transparent PNG, and an AI vector file. I ...
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Why Illustrator if I have Photoshop shapes? Why Ai at all? [closed]

I know it is an old silly question this whole thing about Illustrator vs Photoshop, but since I never found answers for my questions that, at least for me, reasons enough to stay with Photoshop, I ...
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Can Illustrator CS6 open a Photoshop CS6 File and export the image as a vector Graphic? If so, what is the image type?

I am unfamiliar with Illustrator and have created graphics in Photoshop I need to export/save as vector graphics. Can I open a PS file in Illustrator and save or export the image as a vector graphic? ...
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How save Photoshop EPS with multiple clipping paths

So I understand that the only way to save a text logo as Photoshop EPS WITH transparent background, is to: Change the fonts to Shapes Create paths from the shapes Create clipping paths This works ...
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Difference between PSD paths and AI paths

Bit of a noob question, but I've only recently discovered Illustrator. I've always worked with Photoshop to edit images. Can anyone tell me the difference between paths created in PSD and paths ...
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Does PSD file format save path data?

I've been trying to decide on a file format to save a multitude of "master" images for a game project. The final product will be vector images. I would like to have the master copies of the images ...
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