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How are the publishers able to print book covers in neon colors?

How are printers and publishers able to print book covers in neon? This House of Night book cover, for example, has the effect of neon color, but when I try to do it with CMYK they don't look vivid. ...
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How to convert photo into pantone for spot printing?

I need your help please of How to convert an RGB/CMYK photo into spot color pantone in channels? And if there are different methods, I would really appreciate providing them.
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Risograph Printing: Separation for Duotone Print

I am preparing my first print project to be realised with a Risograph. In the process, I have come across multiple recommendations to consider a duotone print as an effective way to print images/...
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How to prepare RGB image for silk-screen printing

I have an image in RGB which I would like to silk-screen on a t-shirt. I want to prepare the file so that the result is as close as possible to the original image. I could simply convert the image ...
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InDesign / PDF Export for 2 colour print

I am working on a document and the client would like an exported PDF with the following settings “2/2 coloured black + plus 1 additional colour”. It is a CYMK document and currently exports as 4/4 ...
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Better way to handle colors for printing

I am paper bag manufacturer, on daily basis we are dealing with graphic designers and printing operators. Often I am receiving orders for 2-color or 3-color printing. I conveyed the same message to ...
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Printing photographs when job is a 2 spot color job

my client is printing a newsletter and they are using only two spot colors and neither is black. The newsletter contains photos so what are my options? Can I make the photos gray-scale and then use ...
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Duotone psd file for (offset) printing

I read that answers at this question: Preparing design for duotone printing? I need it to be more specific about the step: use the complementary RGB channel, in this case Red (E) Play with the ...
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Photoshop/Illustrator: How to create custom separations?

If you had a printed artwork that used only Pantone Reflex Blue U, Rubine Red U, and 802 U (Neon Green) -- some colours are pure, some are blends, some are at 100% density, others are less -- and you ...
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How to achieve 2 chosen hue colour separation profile?

I'm really into the ColorLibrary colour separation profiles e.g. I wanted to use the blue and yellow one in a offset printed 2 colour book project, but as a ...
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Remove colors from image for two-color printing

I have a JPG image that to my eyes has two colors (black and magenta) but to InDesign eyes (Separations preview tab) it has also yellow and cyan (in lower levels). The newspaper will be printed only ...
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ways to generate spot color print files given any set of colors

Basically I want to mix halftoned spot colors in the way you do CMYK, but with any combination of spot colors of my choice. Photoshop has an almost-good-enough way of doing this with image>mode>...
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Detailed Monotone

I am looking to create an image with this similar strong monotone style. I have tried to use the Duo-tone, but you lose lots of nice colors within by limiting. I also tried to Posterize, but the ...
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How to transform an image to a bicolor image in GIMP?

I'm trying to transform a color image into a bicolor image, for example I would like to end with two layers, one with black and another with magenta. Each channel can have a shade of the color (from ...
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inDesign: Printing a photo with only two spot colors, and highlights - will it work?

I have a project in inDesign that was only budgeted for 2 colors, Pantone Orange and Black. I've read that to print photos with only 2 spot colors, you'd need to have the photo set to a grayscale ...
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