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How do you explain the value of native files to an uneducated client?

If you design a piece for print. It gets reproduced several times over the course of a few years. Then the client doesn't return for any work for a few more years. And suddenly you are contacted ...
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Annoying client asks for “all original files” months after project completion

A client has been a real nuisance in making unreasonable demands, and has been really rude on top of that. After completing the project and receiving the payment, he attempted to come back to me ...
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Repeat client is suddenly demanding intellectual property rights!

A fairly sizable client whom I've done a few jobs for over the past several years has recently contacted me for a new job. We have never had a contract for any of the work I've done for them (I'm a ...
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Is it acceptable to ask a designer for an editable file so I can make variations myself?

I want to hire a graphic designer to design one cover to be used on a series of books. Each cover in the book will have the same design, but slight modifications to each. For instance, the first book ...
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Should I charge extra for project files?

I've recently been offered a job designing a flyer for an event that a local organization is hosting. I was asked if I could also include the project files so they could easily alter the design for ...
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When Clients ask for all of the fonts you use in their branding materials

What is the correct way to handle a client if they ask you for all of your native design files and specifically the FONTS. Do you charge them for the native files if they have already paid for the ...
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Who owns the InDesign files?

As a company, if I hire a graphic designer to create ads, brochures, etc who owns the InDesign files? Does the designer or the company that hired the designer own the files? My company hired a ...
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Copyright on free work

About a year ago when starting out on graphic design in school I started doing a bit of free work (something I'm not doing any longer) for a 'client' here and there. For this one client I provided a ...
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Is it customary to retain the copyright to your artwork when designing album cover artwork?

It is my first time designing an album cover for a client and they want me to sign a contract giving up my rights to the design so they can use it in other places besides the album cover (posters, bus ...
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Charge for the same design but different client?

I designed a kids handbook for a prayer group a few years ago. I just got an email from the woman I worked with and she said another person from a different place asked if it is possible to somehow ...
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Usage costs for logo animation intro / outro template

As a freelancer I recently produced three web animations for a client. The company has just rebranded and I've been asked to create an animated logo intro / outro template (that's 2 x concepts, ...
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Need help determining pricing for designing a very ambitious app [closed]

I know its alot but please read all of it so you can fairly assess the situation! The Important Backstory I am a 17 year old self taught user-experience designer that is pretty far ahead in the field (...
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Client likes to fiddle with my designs [duplicate]

I am designing a logo for a client. I've given her a few ideas and she wants to take 3 of them and work on them herself with her sister. We have a contract and she'll pay me so that's not the issue. I ...
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Is it usual for the designer not to hand over the Adobe files used to create projects? [duplicate]

I am about to hire a Graphic Designer to help my Web-design company. Besides for designing websites, she will be making Logos and Advertisments. Now, she tells me that it is standard practice for her ...
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