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Why are my export files different from my Indesign artboards? [duplicate]

I'm trying to figure out why on my exported files, some pages have crossed over onto each other. They are outside the bleed line so I expect them to be trimmed however, some tutorials, etc do not have ...
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How to put a 'gap' between pages in a spread in Indesign

(sort of step 2 for this question but also technically a new question in its own right) I have 4 pages side by side in a spread and i would like to put a small gap between them, to simulate how they ...
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How to have full bleed between two facing pages Indesign

Aloha all, I'm working in InDesign CS5.5 on a master plan document. I want the final document to be 11x8.5 landscape with facing pages, spiral bound to allow document to lay flat with full bleed. I ...
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Purpose of InDesign spread bleeding onto facing page?

I have a book layout established with a 3mm bleed on all four sides and several full-page photographs used throughout. I understand that many have issues with the treatment of bleeds when exporting a ...
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InDesign: export single pages as spreads

There seems to be a lot of guides out there on how to convert spreads to single pages in InDesign... but what about the other way round? E.g. I'm currently setting up a brochure (with facing pages) so ...
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InDesign zero inner bleed not possible

I am new to making a InDesign document print ready (magazine) and I am facing a problem that I could not find the answer to from other threads. What I have: InDesign double page spread Pictures ...
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Layout booklet in inDesign

I am trying to create a kind of book of those that are made with letter size sheets folded in half lengthwise. On my own I tried several things but I only managed to get 2 letter pages joined ...
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How to set up pages for a 11x17" print document

I have a brochure that will be printed on one 11x17 sheet, then folded in half to get a "4 page" brochure (printing on front and back). Is it better to set up my InDesign document size as 11x17 or ...
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InDesign CS5.5/CS6: How to work with facing pages, but retain bleed area all around each page?

I have this very real situation. I have a 68 page brochure + cover. I'm working with facing pages, which is ideal for clarity and design of the brochure. But the problem is when I need to export the ...
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Background images that span 2 facing pages

I'm working on an 8 page booklet. The pages are 8.5 x 11 and will be saddle stitched. Pages 2-3, 4-5 and 6-7 (facing pages) have a background image that spans both pages entirely. The image is a US ...
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Scribus – can I export facing pages combined?

I have created a document with facing pages. It’s for a foldable flyer with four flyer-pages in total, each in A5 format. The printer shop does the folding for me, but expects the input document to ...
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Combining full page bleed and inner and outer margins

Is there any way of creating a document with a full page bleed on single pages but retaining inner and outer margins? I'm creating a wire-o-bound book so need the inner margins to be larger than the ...
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Indesign: Reshuffling page spreads after creating new page

In Adobe InDesign, I have an 80+ page document using broken apart spreads in the pages window. I want to add a new page after page 13. Once I create the new page, every page after that is no longer on ...
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