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Preparing design for duotone printing?

I've been asked to design a poster that will be printed in two inks: black and pantone 631c. It's a simple design, a photograph and text. Should the photo be in grayscale mode + duotone in monocrome (...
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Risograph Printing: Separation for Duotone Print

I am preparing my first print project to be realised with a Risograph. In the process, I have come across multiple recommendations to consider a duotone print as an effective way to print images/...
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How can I simulate a 300DPI printout on a 600DPI printer?

So I have a 600-1200dpi printer but we wanted to get a 300dpi output because we wanted a rougher dots for screenprinting film. Is there any workarounds or settings I can use to get a 300dpi output ...
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Make the same grayscale image appear in different colours in InDesign

I have seen an old InDesign file link to the same tiff image but have it in different colours just by applying those colours on the object's frame within InDesign. The tiff file itself was a 8-bit ...
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How to find a paint color that corresponds to pantone swatch?

I have a fabricator who needs me to send paint colors that match the pantone shades i'm using in an illustrator document. The colors are 7495c 60% tint and 611 20%tint. Is there an easy way for me to ...
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InDesign / PDF Export for 2 colour print

I am working on a document and the client would like an exported PDF with the following settings “2/2 coloured black + plus 1 additional colour”. It is a CYMK document and currently exports as 4/4 ...
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Photoshop/Illustrator: How to create custom separations?

If you had a printed artwork that used only Pantone Reflex Blue U, Rubine Red U, and 802 U (Neon Green) -- some colours are pure, some are blends, some are at 100% density, others are less -- and you ...
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How to achieve 2 chosen hue colour separation profile?

I'm really into the ColorLibrary colour separation profiles e.g. I wanted to use the blue and yellow one in a offset printed 2 colour book project, but as a ...
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Pantone colour shades

Is there some sort of secret way I don't know about to easily identify related shades of a Pantone colour (i.e. lighter / darker within the same colour) ? The underlying use is creating a theme ...
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Remove colors from image for two-color printing

I have a JPG image that to my eyes has two colors (black and magenta) but to InDesign eyes (Separations preview tab) it has also yellow and cyan (in lower levels). The newspaper will be printed only ...
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ways to generate spot color print files given any set of colors

Basically I want to mix halftoned spot colors in the way you do CMYK, but with any combination of spot colors of my choice. Photoshop has an almost-good-enough way of doing this with image>mode>...
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