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Questions tagged [acrobat-scripting]

Questions about the automation and extending of functionality through the use of scripts within Adobe Acrobat.

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In Adobe Acrobat 2020, how do I make the print dialog box automatically appear when a PDF file is opened?

I do not see any such option under the Initial View tab in the Properties of the File.
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1 answer

Acrobat Signatures?

Not sure if this is the proper place for this question but I'm sure some of us have had to deal with creating these types of forms. I know how to add a "digital signature" field to my ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Acrobat - placeholder text for form field?

I have created a form in Acrobat and would like to have placeholder text within each field instead of actual labels for each field. The first approach was a script I inserted into "custom" under the ...
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How could I use a slug in InDesign as a digital client sign off?

I'm hoping to find a solution for a digital client sign off on artwork by using the digital signature feature in Acrobat but I'm hoping to be able to have this automatically set up in InDesign so I ...
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