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Apply Mask from camera RAW

I have used the masking tool from camera raw: Now when I open that thing in PS the layer masks are not there. It is a single layer: How do I transfer the layer masks from Camera Raw over to ...
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Is there a keyboard shortcut for the "Done" button in Adobe Camera Raw"

When cropping a large number of images in Adobe Bridge via Camera Raw, it would be a great time saver to map a keyboard shortcut to the Done button in lower right corner. The Enter (Return⁣ – on a Mac)...
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Edit existing Camera Raw Filter

I'm looking for a way to edit a Camera Raw Filter that I've already created and want to modify or just know how it was created. I couldn't find any way to do that. What I do is selecting the Camera ...
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Photoshop - Data sets opening up Camera Raw?

I have a CSV file with all of the image paths I'm replacing in my photoshop template. When I preview the rows in the Variables popup most of them work fine, but every once in awhile it pops open the &...