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Adobe® Edge Animate is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

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Web Banner ad design choices

It's been awhile since I have designed an animated web banner ad - I used to design them in flash, but that is not really used anymore. What programs do you recommend to design animated banners now ...
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Animate a magazine from InDesign

I'm sorry if the title doesn't make much sense. Basically my colleague has finished designing and published a magazine for our client. Our client has asked us to have the magazine viewable on web ...
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1 answer

How do I add multiple symbols on main timeline

I'm having trouble when I add a symbol into the main timeline. It can be seen on the main timeline even when I have a playback command trigger set halfway along. I have one already playing from the ...
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Improving Performance in Edge Animate

I have a simple animation built in Adobe Edge Animate. It works great on Desktops with decent speed but it is slow to load and jerky on any other computers and mobile devices. Are there any tips to ...
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