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Questions tagged [adobe-fresco]

Digital drawing and painting app developed by Adobe which uses both vector and raster brushes.

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2 answers

What program is best for what I'm after - procreate, Adobe Fresco, other?

I need to create illustrations for a book I'm working on that I will be able to print at A4 size (maximum) in high quality of colour, but also use these same illustrations for images on my website. I’...
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1 answer

How to use an Adobe fresco vector image save in PNG format and uploaded through flutterflow's custom icon button

When designing apps using the flutterflow program there is a section on the home page of the app project you are building that is able to upload images as a truetype font file , otherwise if I instead ...
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Adobe Fresco - Opening Creative Cloud Files on IPad [closed]

I have recently installed Adobe Fresco on the IPad and am impressed with the drawing and paint features over Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch, particularly for the Oil and Watercolor brushes. One issue ...
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