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Questions tagged [adobe-illustrator]

Questions about Illustrator, Adobe's vector digital file editing, creation application and tools. Ask anything related to designing graphics with Illustrator.

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124 votes
7 answers

How to change the color of the artboard in Adobe Illustrator?

It is practically impossible to edit a white illustration on the default white artboard background. Hiding the artboard makes the whole work area receive the artboard's white color. So, is there a ...
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88 votes
6 answers

How to modify the corner radius on rounded rectangle in Illustrator?

I always ended up just creating a new rounded rectangle if the existing one don't work. Is there a way to modify the corner radius without having to create a new shape? I know I can modify the bezier ...
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73 votes
13 answers

What is the easiest way to export just the selected objects in Illustrator?

The title says it all, I want to know what the simplest way to export the selected objects. In Inkscape, there is a menu option called export selected which does just this. The aforementioned ...
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59 votes
4 answers

How do I stop Illustrator from snapping to pixel increments?

I am working in Illustrator (15.0.2 (CS5) or 16.0.0 (CS6)) and when I try to move objects small distances, they snap to the nearest two pixels on some invisible grid. I can't find anything in the ...
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52 votes
10 answers

How to make a font with Adobe Illustrator?

I have recently created my own font/typeface with Adobe Illustrator, and I would like to use it as a real font (e.g I would like to use it as I type something). Is this possible in Adobe Illustrator ...
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48 votes
3 answers

How to align all objects in the center of the artboard using Illustrator?

Is there a shortcut to align all objects in the center of an artboard instead of doing it manually?
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47 votes
3 answers

How to change artboard size in AI CS6?

Sorry can't find this simple feature. I was asked for document size at creation time but don't know how to change this later.
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44 votes
12 answers

Should I design business cards in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop?

Basically what the question says, what are the pro's and cons to using InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop for business cards? Or is there something else you prefer to use?
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44 votes
4 answers

How can I get a transparent artboard?

I want to make a text effect and for that I want a transparent background. My question arises from here; how do I get a transparent background? I am using Illustrator CC.
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44 votes
3 answers

How to delete one shape from another in Illustrator CS4?

I have an image (below) of two hands over a black circle. All three are currently separate paths with a fill but no stroke, all on the same layer. How do I delete the shape of the hands from the ...
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43 votes
3 answers

Create an artboard automatically to the size of an image (Illustrator)

I am trying to figure out how to make an artboard automatically snap to the size of an image. I know that you can draw a rectangle, then go to the Artboards window and choose "Convert to Artboards" ...
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43 votes
3 answers

How do I combine two objects into one in Illustrator?

I have a G and an arrow. I want the arrow to act as the horizontal portion of the G. I have it lined up but when I apply effects I want then to act in one. For example If I apply a 3d effect I want ...
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42 votes
1 answer

Image looks embossed when converted to SVG

I converted a raster image to vector in Illustrator CS6 using Image Trace then the Expand option, though when I save as an svg the image looks embossed. I suspect it's due to the layer background ...
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40 votes
9 answers

Professionals: Would you choose GIMP over Photoshop and/or Inkscape over Illustrator?

I know Adobe's solutions are more advanced, but, as professionals, do you think you would survive (against competition) using GIMP and/or Inkscape instead of Photoshop and/or Illustrator for your ...
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39 votes
5 answers

Scaling a text box in Illustrator CS6 (without scaling text)

Ok, I have a fresh Illustrator document. Pasted some copied text into the "artboard" (the clipboard is severely broken, but that's for another day). The textbox that gets pasted is one huge line ...
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39 votes
7 answers

Change viewbox attribute in svg exported by illustrator

I have a SVG file with viewBox="-155.7 -99 510 510". I believe this offset the paths in Mac OS X preview by -155.7 -99. when I open the SVG in Illustrator, the paths are not offset at all. how do I ...
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38 votes
6 answers

Preserving font type in illustrator SVG file

Hi I am new to illustrator and created an image that uses "Skia-Regular" font. But when I save that image in .svg format, it changes the font type. And when I open the .svg format file in browser the ...
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6 answers

Can I reduce the file size of an SVG to be closer to its JPEG equivalent?

I have an image that I’m using on a website. I would like to use an SVG so that it can be any size and still look crisp. This dropbox contains the SVG file as well as the original Illustrator file. ...
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4 answers

How to achieve this 3D "Card" effect

How do I create this type of effect with an image? I'm wondering how to get the thick edges and the tilted look. Is there an online tool that will convert a flat image to look like this? Source
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14 answers

Alternative to Adobe Illustrator

Can you recommend a good alternative to Adobe Illustrator? I am learning vector based graphic design, but I am not ready to make such a large investment as to purchase a copy of Adobe Illustrator. ...
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35 votes
3 answers

How can I crop everything outside of an art board in Illustrator?

I've got a very complex texture that I have running WAY over the art board and I need to clean it up for a client. How do I get rid of every point outside of the art board?
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35 votes
12 answers

Illustrator: Resize Artboard With Objects Inside

I've been looking everywhere, and cannot find my answer so I wanted to ask here. I know how to re-size my artboard in Illustrator and all that, but I cannot get my artboard to re-size with objects ...
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35 votes
6 answers

Is there a Github for Graphic Designers?

How do Graphic Designers share work they put in the public domain? I'm looking for a site that provides publicly visible, collaborative behavior like Github (which is for source code). For those ...
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33 votes
15 answers

How to set the rotation point and use Transform Each in Illustrator?

I have a triangle I'm trying to rotate in Illustrator using the Object->Transform->Transform Each command, but I can't figure out how to set the rotation point like I can if I just use Free ...
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33 votes
2 answers

How to align objects side by side with a specified distance between them in Illustrator?

I am creating an animated sprite list in Adobe Illustrator. I finished creating the sprites and used the Horizontal/Vertical Distribute Center commands to distribute the objects equally in some area. ...
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31 votes
5 answers

How can I export an image from Illustrator image at multiple sizes?

I am new to Adobe Illustrator and I have a logo image which I need to use in 5 or 6 different sizes. The logo image was created in Adobe Illustrator, but when I try to save the image to PNG or JPEG ...
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30 votes
12 answers

How to hide objects outside artboards in Illustrator?

Is it possible to hide the objects that are outside of the artboard? As you can see in the picture below, the polygons are shown outside of the artboard. I want to hide everything that is outside of ...
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30 votes
5 answers

How do I divide a circle into equal parts like a pie chart with Adobe Illustrator?

Is there a fairly simple way to divide a circle into equal parts using Adobe Illustrator CC?
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30 votes
2 answers

Why am I only getting grayscales / monotones when applying colors in Adobe Illustrator?

When I try to change the color after tracing a JPEG image in Illustrator and expanding it, it becomes gray. I have tried lots of color changes but the result is always the same. Why can't I change ...
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30 votes
4 answers

Convert text to paragraph text in Illustrator

Is there any quick way to convert text created at point (automatically resizable boundaries) to a area (paragraph) text (with fixed boundaries) in Illustrator CS3?
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30 votes
4 answers

Scale drawings in Illustrator, maintain proportions of line weights and effects

My problem is that when I scale down my drawing, the line weights stay the same, blotting out the artwork. If I scale up, the line weights become too thin. I've noticed that parametric effects don't ...
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29 votes
6 answers

How do I create a depth illusion effect with a spots pattern in Illustrator?

I need help creating such a graphic in illustrator or photoshop using simple tools and maintaining the perspective effect in sharp folds (contrary to wrap tools) I tried mesh tool but couldn't figure ...
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29 votes
4 answers

Illustrator CS6: Change artboard size / final saved file dimensions to match bounds of content

Consider the following two images: The second image is my desired result: the artboard dimensions perfectly match the layer/selection/content. However, I had to resize the artboard manually. Is there ...
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29 votes
5 answers

Specify CSS class names on SVG paths using Illustrator

Is there a way to edit SVG files in Illustrator where you can specify a CSS class for each path? I already know in Illustrator that if you give the layer name an actual name, Illustrator will use ...
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28 votes
7 answers

How can I get illustrator to automatically clip the artboard to the vectorized objects size?

I just exported a shape from photoshop as a path and then filled it in illustrator. I now want to save the shape as an svg, or eps but I don't want to save all the excess whitespace around the object. ...
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28 votes
4 answers

How to convert every pixel of raster picture to square objects in Illustrator?

For example I have 10×10px icon. I want to produce 100 squares with correspondent color and location each. Actually, the question is how to make exact pixel mosaic out of raster image. I tried Live ...
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27 votes
8 answers

Merging two anchor points of the same path in Illustrator

Assume the following situation in Adobe Illustrator, where I have two neighbouring anchor points on the same path. For the left anchor point, only the left bezier-handle is important and for the right ...
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5 answers

How to open a multiple page PDF file as artboards in Illustrator CS6

I'm trying to open a PDF file with 7 pages and need to adjust each page in Illustrator CS6. How do I open the PDF file in one single AI files with all artboards within it?
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26 votes
8 answers

Can you re-number the order of artboards in Illustrator CS4?

I use illustrator with multiple artboards to design website layouts. Often I start at the beginning (what I think is the beginning at the time) and get 15 pages deep. Then I realize that I need to add ...
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1 answer

How do I create Mexican hat potential figure in Illustrator using 3D Map Art?

This is what I'm trying to create in Illustrator. (for those interested, it's a graph of a Mexican hat potential function) Here's what I've done so far, using Illustrator's 3D->Revolve and Map Art. ...
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25 votes
3 answers

How to make a logo where a letter is made of particles of varying sizes?

How can I make a logo in Adobe Illustrator like the AntiParticle logo below, from It is a large ...
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25 votes
5 answers

What's the difference between saving a vector as .AI and saving as .EPS

Is there any benefit to saving as an .ai file? I know that .eps files can be opened in many programs, but .ai files, I think, would only be opened in Illustrator. Should I bother saving in an .ai ...
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25 votes
3 answers

Flip type when its on a path, AI CS5

I'm putting some type on a path, a circle; but when I do it, the type is upside down. How can I flip it so it reads the right way up? See image below:
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25 votes
1 answer

In Pathfinder window, what is the difference between a shape mode and a pathfinder?

I'm learning Illustrator CC and right now I'm trying out the various tools in the Pathfinder window, and how they allow me to create shapes. Something that confuses me, is that they seem to be somehow ...
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25 votes
7 answers

Copy & Pasting from Photoshop to Illustrator loses transparency

I often run into this issue. I'm creating a file in Photoshop with masked layers etc. I want to make the final output available for some mock-ups in Illustrator, so I rasterize the layers and marquee ...
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24 votes
3 answers

Moving both handles of a bezier curve simultaneously in Adobe Illustrator?

I would like to be able to move the two handles for the bezier curve with the direct select tool the same way they are moved on initial creation of the anchor point. When a new anchor is created, ...
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24 votes
2 answers

Adobe Illustrator - Copy gradient of one object into another object

Does anybody know the keyboard shortcut or the easiest way to copy a gradient of an object into another object.
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24 votes
1 answer

How can I open a PDF in illustrator and convert text with a missing font into outlines

I have a PDF that is editable in Illustrator. I have to open the PDF in Illustrator and edit individual parts of the document but I am missing the font that is used in the PDF. When I open the PDF in ...
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5 answers

How to vertically center text in a box in Illustrator CS5

How do I vertically center text in a box in Illustrator CS5? I cannot find a way to do that; in InDesign, it's a click away!
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2 answers

When should I use SVG or SVGZ for my web graphics?

From my understanding, The SVGZ is a compressed file type of an SVG. I love using SVG images and have had a lot of experience with them. All of the times I used them I have never had a graphic that ...
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