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Questions about InDesign, Adobe's page layout application for professional print and electronic design. Ask anything related to designing projects in InDesign.

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Is Scribus a viable alternative to Quark or InDesign?

For someone who has worked in the professional publishing industry, I rely on InDesign and Photoshop for creating professional documents, even if they're as simple as a business card. Sometimes I don'...
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What is InDesign used for?

What is Adobe InDesign used for as opposed to Photoshop or Illustrator?
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2 answers

Setting object style in InDesign

I'm trying to somehow set InDesign object style for images that I add into text frame directly so they flow along with text when I edit content. My document is of technical nature so it has a single ...
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8 votes
3 answers

InDesign: how to have editors collaborate on the content

We're working on a magazine in Adobe InDesign. Is there a way to include the text content dynamically, so that a person who doesn't have InDesign can edit the text and the edits will automatically be ...
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Can I create a PNG from InDesign?

I usually have to export my InDesign file into an eps, then convert it to PNG in illustrator. Does anyone know an easier way?
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