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Questions about Adobe's cloud-based application used to create color schemes.

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Color Theme Repo Similar to Kuler

I have a website where users can create custom designed paper goods. I default the color selections for a template to something popular I found on Kuler, but I've noticed the colors themes that the ...
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Is there a name/formulae for the hue-circle scaling Adobe is using with "Kuler"

It's not immediately obvious, but when you visit Adobe Color aka "Kuler", you'll notice that the hue of the color-circle is not evenly spaced: As you can see in the image above, a regular hue spacing ...
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Is there a color scheme designer like Kuler that can hold many colors (+30) at a time?

I'm designing a color scheme for a web application with a data dashboard. I want the graphs and data visualizations to have a default color palette with distinct colors that maximize the ease of ...
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Creating a color theme using adobe kular [duplicate]

I am trying to create a color theme to my website using adobe kuler. I am really new to that app and confusing how to create a theme there. This is my main color - #53001e Can any body tell me ...
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How to activate Kuler in photoshop CC

I have kuler installed, was using it just fine, then I just change from the move tool to the crop tool and back again. Now kuler window is just blank. How can I activate it? Thanks
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