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Questions about the using Creative Cloud Libraries, Adobe's system to access, organize, and share creative assets across Creative Cloud apps.

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Use new ase file to change multiple files created with old ase file and global colors

I have 30 files all colored using the same global color swatch palette generated by the same .ase color swatch library. Is there a way to use a new .ase file to globally change those colors? I know ...
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Add logo to CC Library with exclusion zones

I've been using the CC Library to speed up my work flow but one thing that stumps me is adding logo graphics with the necessary exclusion zones around it. I'd much rather be using the vectors directly ...
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I cant find a saved symbols or graphic styles when i start to work on a new file. how to fix this problem?

i saved a symbol on adobe illustrator to work on later, but when I open a new file I cant find the symbol anymore on library. I realized this happened when i tried to save graphic styles as well. What ...
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Save Illustrator gradients to Libraries

I would like to save some gradient fills to my (Adobe-)Library in Illustrator for use in other projects. When I select a graphic with a gradient fill I can only save the graphic to my Library, not the ...
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How can I relink an element to a clouded CC Library element?

In my InDesign document, one of the elements needs to be relinked. I would like to relink it to a clouded, CC library element present in the CC Libraries panel, and thus not lost position, properties, ...
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Adding swatch to Library InDesign CS6

I am following a tutorial that uses InDesign CC. I am currently practicing on InDesign CS6. The tutorial is talking about CC libraries. I added a new library to my CS6 document and created new ...
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Can I have CC Library colors automatically updated in library graphics?

I have added colors from Illustrator to a new CC Library I created. Next, I have added logos and many graphics which get re-used all the time. If I updated a color in my library, can I get it to ...
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Multi-layer asset management in studio environment

I work with a team of 10 designers, producing product and packaging for stationery, electronics and toys. We pretty much exclusively use Illustrator CC. We need an elegant and robust system for ...
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Photoshop text Library

I work on a lot of projects where I have to put little spans of text in big paragraphs. These spans are always a - and a capitol letter. I've been trying to make a library of these spans like, -A, -B, ...
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How can i store pure vector assets, not linked assets, in Adobe Library?

I've been using Adobe Library in illustrator to store shapes I use often. but i've come across a problem. I first make a shape I want to store: I then drag it into Adobe Library: But when it comes ...
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