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Questions related to the use of Adobe Muse.

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Muse background height is too short - how to adjust?

I've created a new Muse project, and I have adjusted the minimum height to a large area to ensure it will cover all screen resolutions, i.e. However, when I preview or export to HTML, the background ...
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How to horizontally centre align image frame with of text frame in Adobe Muse for responsive design?

I currently have an image and text both horizontally centre aligned, and I have set both to be responsive. When I change the width of the browser, the text pushes down, but the image is still top ...
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What is a sticky footer in Muse?

I'm just learning Adobe Muse and setting up a website with this tool. What does "Sticky Footer" mean? What does it do, exactly?
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How do I hyperlink .oam-Animations Muse? [closed]

I have an .oam Animation made in Adobe Edge embedded in Adobe Muse. It animates on mouseenter and mouseleave using JavaScript. How can I hyperlink it using Adobe Muse. I want to use HTML so the link ...
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How to display a grid system on adobe muse for easier design?

I downloaded adobe muse and I find it perfect ! However I wonder if there is some plugin or page option or view that can display a grid system on the screen so I can arrange my components easier ? And ...
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Why do photos jump around when exporting from Muse?

My company is trying to slowly move towards digital and we are in the process of learning Adobe Muse as a stepping stone to more legitimate web practices. One issue we continue to encounter is our ...