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Questions about Photoshop, Adobe's graphics and photo editing program. Ask anything related to designing and editing graphics with Photoshop.

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How to copy layers from one Photoshop document to another?

Is there a way to copy layers from one Photoshop document to another? I was working on a project earlier on that required this but I didn't know how this could have been done. (Procedure not as ...
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Replacing whiteness with transparency in Photoshop

I want to replace the whiteness in pixels with transparency in the same way as described in this question - i.e. for lighter pixels to be made proportionally as transparent. All solutions found via ...
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Batch export Photoshop layers to individual PNG files

I am a web dev and competent in Fireworks, but not so much in Photoshop. I have just received a layered PSD file to turn into a web page. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to export all layers to ...
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What does the interlaced option in Photoshop do?

There is this options box shown when saving a PNG image from Adobe Photoshop. I always choose 'None'. What does the 'Interlaced' option do?
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How to open or save as ico in Photoshop CS6

This plugin to open and save as .ico in Photoshop has been around for a while, but I can't seem to make it work for CS6. According to this question in the Adobe Forums, the plug-in works if installed ...
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What resolution should a large format artwork for print be?

For wall-sized graphics and large banners (e.g. 3m × 5m), what is an acceptable PPI for print? As I understand it 300 ppi is the typical for 'small' artworks (esp. for clean text resolution). However, ...
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How to convert a video file into an animated GIF in Photoshop?

I was trying to convert an MP4 into an animated GIF for an answer on here. I tried opening the file directly in Photoshop, and then clicking on the timeline menu and choosing both: Convert Frames &...
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How to get Layer size (Width and Height)?

I have a number of layers in a Photoshop document. I want to find out what a specific layer's width and height is. How do I do that?
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Q: Gimp vs Photoshop

I have been using Photoshop since the beginning of time. Other than the infamous Paintshop Pro, it is the only image editor I have used. I am about to embark on an adventure of trying out GIMP as a ...
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Is there a "Fit to Canvas" option in Photoshop like there is in Fireworks?

I am a Fireworks user new to Photoshop. In FW there is the very handy "fit to canvas" button in the properties panel at the bottom which when clicked snaps the image to the canvas by adjusting the ...
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How to make an adjustment layer to affect only one layer or one group of layers in Photoshop?

In Photoshop I am trying to apply a hue/saturation to just one or a group of layers instead of the entire lot of layers using the "Create new fill or adjustment Layer" button. Is this possible, and if ...
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Should I design business cards in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop?

Basically what the question says, what are the pro's and cons to using InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop for business cards? Or is there something else you prefer to use?
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How do I paste into a layer's mask in Photoshop?

When I paste Cmd+V a new layer is created instead of pasting into the layer's mask that I created. What I'm trying to do is take a black and white layer and make it the mask of a all white layer. ...
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How to quickly and easily create a grid with Adobe Photoshop?

Suppose I need to draw a grid in Photoshop, each square being the same size, and a certain amount of pixels tall and wide, and the grid lines having a certain pixel width. Like this: Currently I do ...
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Professionals: Would you choose GIMP over Photoshop and/or Inkscape over Illustrator?

I know Adobe's solutions are more advanced, but, as professionals, do you think you would survive (against competition) using GIMP and/or Inkscape instead of Photoshop and/or Illustrator for your ...
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How to create animated GIFs of prototype mockups, like the ones on Dribbble?

I'm sure you've seen Dribbblers upload animated mockups of their designs. Here's an example: I can create mockups on Photoshop and even apply simple Tween Animations to them but I can never get ...
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Is it really impossible to have gradient without banding?

I am struggling to create a gradient without banding. I have watched all the videos on YT and tried: Bluring all kinds, Noise, Dither,bit depth, Brush and doing the gradient in Illustrator. ...
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How do I change a single layer to grayscale in Photoshop CS4?

I know you can have the whole image turn grayscale: Image → Mode → Grayscale What if I only want to make specific layers grayscale? There's gotta be an easier way than pulling out the layers you want ...
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Photoshop CS5, how to create a layer mask from a layer?

I have a layer in Photoshop that I'd like to use as a layer mask, is this at all possible? It's a black & white layer with some gradients that I would like to apply to another layer that's a ...
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Photoshop: how to create an adjustment layer that blurs all layers below?

Right now I'm creating copies of all layers, flatten them all (the copies) to a single layer, and apply blur to this layer. But can it be done without having to create copies of the layers I want to ...
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Best way to convert multipage pdf to separate jpg's

What is considered the best way to convert a multipage PDF into single page JPG's with photoshop CS3? I'm looking for a (semi) automated process since it's a 150 page pdf so a little cumbersome to do ...
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How to achieve this 3D "Card" effect

How do I create this type of effect with an image? I'm wondering how to get the thick edges and the tilted look. Is there an online tool that will convert a flat image to look like this? Source
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Is there a way to copy guides from one Photoshop document to another?

I'm using Photoshop CS5. I have a PSD file. We'll say it's 600x400. I have guides set up at, let's say, 100 pixels over and 27 pixels down, which I am using to position a layer correctly. I have to ...
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How to cut a large photo into a grid of smaller photos automatically in Photoshop?

Is there a way, maybe a script, that would help me cut an image into say 50 images? I have a massive panorama I would like to print on normal stock photo paper and I am using Photoshop. The output ...
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Is there a Github for Graphic Designers?

How do Graphic Designers share work they put in the public domain? I'm looking for a site that provides publicly visible, collaborative behavior like Github (which is for source code). For those ...
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How do you remove guides in Photoshop?

In Adobe Photoshop (I'm currently using CS5), is it possible to remove the cyan-coloured guide lines? I'm talking about the ones added by View > Guides.. > [horizontal/vertical guide choice]. I ...
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Is it possible to modify a rounded rectangle's radius in Photoshop?

As the title implies, I have drawn a rounded rectangle with a larger radius in Photoshop. Now I want to reduce its radius. Is this possible without deleting it?
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Set adjustment layer to only affect certain layers without using groups?

As far as I'm concerned, there are a few different ways to control which layers are affected by an adjustment layer, for example: move the adjustment layer down so that only the layers below it are ...
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How to distribute an equal amount of space between each object in Photoshop?

I'm using "Distribute Horizontal Centers" in Photoshop, but it might be the wrong tool for the job. I'm guessing Photoshop will be distributing the CENTER of each text object and aligning that, so ...
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Why are raster images still used when vector images have so many advantages?

I have read some posts and see many advantages of using vector images when compared to raster images: They can be zoomed or scaled at any ratio. File-size efficiency. Because vector image only ...
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Exporting individual layers in Photoshop, keeping their sizes

I‘m trying to export individual layers in Photoshop as PNGs, keeping their size. So if I have a layer that is 200×200 in a composition that is 1000×1000, I want to export just that layer as a PNG at ...
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How to center text vertically within a textbox in Photoshop

It's pretty annoying that you can't center text vertically in Ps automatically, like you can in Indd. It's even more annoying that the bounding box of text can't be 'collapsed' or 'fit to text', like ...
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Version Control for Designers / Alternative to Version Cue

I've just been searching around the net for version control that has some support for graphic/Photoshop files. We're currently using BitBucket which is free and unlimited when it comes to file size ...
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Why does a brush with 50% opacity and 100% flow take 8 individual strokes to reach 100% opacity?

I have a simple round brush with 100% hardness, 50% opacity and 100% flow. All other brush settings are disabled (brush dynamics, transfer, etc). Since it has 50% opacity, I would expect 2 brush ...
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How can I 'blow up' small pixel art?

I have this small pixel art as example. Is there a way to make it bigger without it getting blurry or fuzzy in Photoshop?
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How would I remove all the white from this image? I just want the image to be the red parts

The question pretty much stated it all, I want the red parts for transparency and all the white removed from this fingerprint image.
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How to remove a specific color in an image in Photoshop?

I am not an expert photoshop user but have been trying to use more of it in what I currently do. I have a black and white image from which I am trying to remove all the white. I cannot use the ...
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Photoshop: how to resize a text box without distorting the actual text?

When trying to resize a text box in Photoshop, it is stretching my type instead of just making the box larger. It is a text box and not a bounding box. It just started doing this out of the blue. How ...
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10 answers

How to get dashed line in Photoshop?

How can I make a dashed or dotted lines in Photoshop?
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How can I duplicate smart objects and make them separate in Photoshop CS6?

In Photoshop I can copy and paste Illustrator paths as a smart object, and then double click this smart object to edit it in Illustrator. When I duplicate this smart object (say to change the colour ...
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Is it possible to have global color swatches or color styles in Photoshop?

I'm looking for a way to use one color in multiple different layers, and then be able to change that color in all the layers in one single place. Lets say that I have four layers using #ffffff. Now I ...
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How to create a batch job, numbering images (writing text on them) from 1 to 100 in Photoshop?

Looking to create a 100 images that would have their appropriate numbers written on them. Since I`ll be most likely making changes to the template in the future I figured it would be better to ...
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How can I get illustrator to automatically clip the artboard to the vectorized objects size?

I just exported a shape from photoshop as a path and then filled it in illustrator. I now want to save the shape as an svg, or eps but I don't want to save all the excess whitespace around the object. ...
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6 answers

Create a Triangle with Rounded Corners

I know you can create a rounded-corner rectangle; but, how do you create a triangle with rounded corners in Photoshop? I am actually interested in making it from scratch, not basing it on a custom ...
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4 answers

Removing grain from handwritten signature

I've got a scanned signature that I'm trying to clean up. I was able to use levels to remove some of the grain surrounding the handwriting, but I cannot figure out how to remove the grain from the ...
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17 answers

'Un-smart' object in Photoshop

I've created a design in Photoshop CS6, and used a large number of smarts object which made the workflow more easy (at least for me). Now I've finished working on the design, and I want to "...
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How to set guides at exact positions / coordinates in Photoshop?

I am very new to Photoshop. I have created a 300px by 230px image. I'm trying to place 5 vertical guidelines at 0px, 57.5px, 115px, 172.5px, 230px. I've placed the whole numbers manually by pulling ...
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How do I change the colour of a shape in Photoshop after I've drawn it

For some reason it seems impossible to change the colour of a rectangle I've drawn in Photoshop after I've drawn it. I can change the colour of a new one that I want to draw but once it's drawn there ...
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How to convert old scanned documents into black and white

I have some old documents that have been scanned, and I want to convert them to black and white. Content should be always black, and background white: I use Photoshop.
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9 answers

How to create a non-destructive and reusable blurred/frosted glass effect?

How can I create a generic blurred background that can be used on multiple images similar to the example below? I need a white frosted glass looking png that I can set use to layer over regular ...
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