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Affinity Publisher is a desktop publishing application for macOS and Windows.

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How to make all text lines the same height or distance

I have a problem that actually annoyed me for quite a while in text editing software, only now I have a case where it's hard to ignore it: Maybe it's some simple general feature but I never knew how ...
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Best CMYK export option

I am a children's book designer writer. I am trying to format my first picture book for printing. I have worked the images in RGB, but thought I should convert in Affinity before sending to printing....
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GREP to select footnote text and make it inline note

Now I am finished with my magazine for sighted people and want to get it ready to Braille for the blind. In the process, I need to change the footnotes to inline notes. Is there a way to use GREP to ...
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How to create an interactive pdf outside of InDesign

I need to create a newsletter template that is easy to use (it will be used by someone with no InDesign experience) and needs to support hyperlinks within the document and to external sources. So far ...
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Inverting photo using pre-defined material colors

I like to use black-backgrounded slides for my conference presentations. However, as research papers use white-backgrounded figures, they should be converted. A good option is inverting the colours. ...
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How to insert extra elements into an Affinity Publisher Table of Contents

So I've done most of the layouting for a project and I've just generated a table of contents. It's all working well except I just realised that the chapter headings I had created using the artistic ...
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Affinity Publisher: Center symbols vertically around text

I am looking for a way to prepend/append symbols that are vertically aligned with the text. I attached an example - I would like to add crosses to the headings. I can just put them manually and it ...
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Use PDF editor for book publishing (including conversion to PDF/X)

I know that there is dedicated software for book publishing, such as Affinity Publisher, Adobe Indesign, and so on, but I have used for a certain project LaTeX, which would produce a PDF. Since most ...
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Editable PDF export for Client with Affinity (Do not want to use Illustrator)

I am learning Designing and looking in affinity designer. I want to create simple editable PDF (only name and few words may be editable) by client. As I understood AFfinity does not provide way to ...
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Affinity Publisher vs InDesign?

I'm hearing alot of things about Affinity Publisher lately. First client today explicitly mentioning they would rather have their stuff done in AP instead of ID. Asking from a long-term, well ...
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